Where to Take Indoor Rowing Classes in Boston

Will rowing become the new spinning?

indoor rowing classes

A rowing class at Btone. Photo by Lucie Wicker Photography, provided

The next big question in fitness remains: Will we start seeing indoor rowing studios pop up on every corner just the same as spin studios did a few years back?

Right now, it seems the answer is a resounding yes—especially from indoor rowing studio owners Elise Caira, of Sweat Fixx, and Joey Tagliente, of Row Republic, who both have dreams of becoming the equivalent of the next Soul Cycle or Barry’s Bootcamp. And their dreams aren’t too far off. The rowing trend is hitting hard right now. On top of studios popping up left and right, you can also row with local on-demand rowing classes from a mobile app called Regatta Fitness and Hydrow, a Boston-based company, that created a rower very similar to a Peloton bike. The sport truly is everywhere—and not just for those who want to try it on the Charles River.

Jonathan Cruz, owner of Burn Fitness Studios, says his gym added rowing classes to the schedule simply because they work. “These classes have been growing in popularity because they are truly one of the best full-body workouts in fitness,” Cruz says. “Participants are able to work nine major muscle groups simultaneously—that’s more than any other exercise other than swimming or cross-country skiing.”

Want to see for yourself? Here’s where you can indulge your crew fantasies, indoors or out:

Row Republic

Classes at this new North End studio, with plans to open in early spring, will combine intervals on the rowing machine with intervals of strength training for a workout much like Barry’s—they’re just replacing the treadmills for fancy Italian-made rowers.

Drop-in classes are TBD, 77 N Washington St., Boston, row-republic.com

Sweat Fixx

With locations in Wakefield, Arlington, and South Boston, Sweat Fixx is utilizing custom-made water rowers in four different classes. Pairing rowing intervals with things like high-intensity exercises, strength training, and yoga you’ll be able to choose a class based on what you need for the day.

Drop-in classes are $21, Multiple locations, sweatfixx.com.  

Row House

This studio is much like a spin studio such that the instructor will be at the front of the room rowing along with you as they lead you through rowing intervals to high-energy music. Coming to Lovejoy Wharf in the early summer, you’ll be able to row with a view of the water.

First class free, 25 Lovejoy Wharf, Boston, 857-702-2769, therowhouse.com.

Burn Fitness Studios

Burn offers several types of rowing classes, all of which take place on Water Rowers: rowing machines equipped with a WaterFly wheel filled with actual liquid, meant to mimic the resistance real rowers fight against on the river.

Drop-in classes are $25, 547 Columbus Ave., burnfitboston.com.

Btone Fitness

Btone, which has locations in Boston, Wellesley, Lexington, Waltham, and soon-to-be in Hanover and Middleton also runs Indo-Row classes, simulating the race atmosphere of competitive rowing on Water Rowers with endurance rowing classes and circuit-style.

Drop-in classes are $30, multiple locations, btonefitness.com.


Though it’s only open to Equinox members, the gym’s Shockwave class incorporates short bursts of high-intensity rowing into a traditional bootcamp format.

Memberships are about $150 a month, multiple locations, equinox.com.

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory’s signature interval training class mixes treadmill and strength drills with indoor rowing for a multi-faceted, full-body workout.

Drop-in classes are $25, 375 Market St., Brighton, orangetheoryfitness.com.

Renegade Rowing

Using principles from CrossFit and bootcamp, Renegade Rowing’s classes blend functional, interval, and strength training to get you working hard.

110 Holton St., Brighton, renegaderowing.com.

Power Rowing 

Started by rowers, for rowers, this Brookline space allows for full development of form on the erg as well as classees geared towarsds your core and total-body strength. If you’re not into classes you can head into the studio for open row in a room outfitted with flat screen televisions and surround sound.

62 Harvard St., Unit B, Brookline Village, 617-505-3168, powerrowing.com