Seven New England Wellness Retreats to Visit

Yoga? Hiking? Massage? They've got it, and they're right here in New England.

Sometimes, you just need to get away. But don’t automatically book yourself a ticket to Florida—there are some great escapes right here in our backyard. We found eight New England wellness retreats to visit, so you can come back from your vacation refreshed, renewed, and healthy, rather than full of daiquiris and boardwalk food. Perfection.

photograph courtesy of Canyon ranch

Canyon Ranch. All photos provided.

1. Canyon Ranch

If you really want to pamper yourself, head to Canyon Ranch in Lenox. It boasts 40 fitness classes and activities a day; hiking, biking, kayaking, and other outdoor activities; a full menu of spa services; fitness and nutrition assessments; three healthy meals each day; and spirituality services like astrology and tarot card reading. Just be prepared to shell out for this bliss: Stays start at $1,650 per person, though they do include most of the above services.

Starts at $1,650 for two nights. 165 Kemble St., Lenox,



2. Kripalu

One of the best-known yoga centers in the region, Kripalu’s Berkshires retreats offer classes in its signature style, which emphasizes meditation and proper breathing techniques; mind-body health workshops; healing arts services; YogaDance classes; outdoor activities; and more.

Prices vary. 57 Interlaken Road, Stockbridge,


Migis Lodge.

3. Migis Lodge

Bring the whole family to this Maine retreat. There’s yoga, group fitness classes, massage, sailing, water sports, fishing, golf, kids’ and teens’ activities, and plenty of time to soak in the great outdoors.

Starting at $388 per person per night. 30 Migis Lodge Road, South Casco, Maine,

New Life

New Life Hiking Spa.

4. New Life Hiking Spa

If your idea of relaxation is lying in a hammock all day, look elsewhere. New Life’s retreats, running May through October, include daily hikes through the Vermont countryside, group fitness classes, and yoga, in addition to spa services and relaxation time. Stays are approximately $250 per night.

Individual rates start at $249 per night. 103 U.S. Route 4, Mendon, Vermont,

Rolling Meadows

Rolling Meadows.

5. Rolling Meadows

Rolling Meadows offers retreats on select dates throughout the spring, summer, and fall at its grounds in Brooks, Maine. Retreats aren’t always the same, but expect small sizes, lots of yoga in lots of styles, meditation, fresh vegetarian meals—and silence. The center asks that participants do not talk during meals and free time to cultivate peace and quiet.

Retreats start at $725. 83 Sullivan Road, Brooks, Maine,

Rolling Ridge

Rolling Ridge.

6. Rolling Ridge

Mainly a conference center, Rolling Ridge also offers affordable individual retreats. Enjoy the natural beauty of Andover, dine on chef-prepared food, and indulge in services like massages, reiki, and spiritual direction. Just escape for the day, for $50, or overnight, for $85.

Starts at $50 for a day trip. 660 Great Pond Road, North Andover,

Sewall House

Sewall House.

7. Sewall House

This family-run Maine yoga retreat accepts guests from May through October, offering them the chance to unwind with yoga in a variety of styles, meditation, massage, hiking, biking, water sports, and relaxation amidst picturesque scenery.

$299 for a single room for 1-2 nights. 1027 Crystal Road, Island Falls, Maine,