The Boston Fitness Scene Is about to Get Way Cooler

Exciting new class offerings, fancy state-of-the-art expansions, and new studios will all grace the Hub.


As Everything in Your Life Speeds Up, the Wellness Industry Is Saying "Slow Down"


Eight Must-Have Sleep Products for a Better Night's Rest


Ayanna Pressley's Response to Her Hair Loss Is Personal, Political—and Courageous

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coughing drawing

BMC’s Post-Op Program is Saving Lives and Money

By implementing the I COUGH program, BMC’s saved $1 million in post-op complication costs.


Avoid Halloween Candy Weight Gain

There will be plenty of chances to gain weight over the next few months. Don’t let Halloween be one of them.

Is Coffee Good for You?

We may run on Dunkin, but is our coffee addiction helping or hurting our health?


Health Headlines: Are Turkey Burgers Healthy?

Vegans live longer; Meditation helps loneliness; and Paul Pierce love apples.


Will GMOs be Voted Out on Election Day?

If California’s Prop 37 passes in November, the impact will be felt in Massachusetts.

Blow out salons

Will Boston Embrace Blow Dry Only Salons?

Blow dry only salons finally come to Boston. But do we need this luxury?

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Best of Boston 2018: Services

Best of Boston 2018: Services

Including massages and the best meal kit delivery service.

Boston Fitness Finds on Pinterest

Love Pinterest? So do we. Here are some Boston related fitness finds.

3D Sperm

Living Legacy

It’s now possible to create a child from the eggs or sperm of a deceased partner, but should we?

Working out group fitness

Top Fitness Deals of the Week

We put all the best fitness deals in one place so you can stop making excuses and start working out.

colored syringes

The Meningitis Outbreak Continues

With no answers and no end in sight, an expert tells us how this could have happened.


Google Says This is How We Choose Hospitals

A new study by Google examines healthcare in the digital age. Can Boston hospitals keep up?

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World-class hospitals and a thriving biotech culture lead to new medical discoveries every day.

The Rainy Day Workout

No gym, no equipment, no excuses: Easy, at-home exercises for days when you want to stay indoors.

Double-Hand Transplant Recipient Making Excellent Progress

This inspirational video showing a double-hand transplant’s progress will make you think twice before complaining about mowing the lawn.


Five Ways to Improve Brain Health

It takes more than a Words with Friends addiction to improve your brain.

What’s Really in that Olive Oil Bottle?

Getting health benefits from olive oil should be as simple as pouring and eating. But first it has to actually be olive oil.

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