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Every Measure a Mitzvah

The Boston Jewish Music Festival, now in its fourth year, will present a mix of the traditional and the new, from Yiddish protest punk to acoustic folk music.

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Culture Calendar: Arts & Entertainment Events in January

Matthew Reed Baker’s guide to this month’s events.

debo band
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Addis Acolytes: Debo Band

The best local band you’ll hear in Boston rock club that doesn’t play rock.

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Culture Calendar: Eight Must-See Arts and Entertainment Events in December 2012

The best local band you’ll hear in a Boston rock club this month doesn’t play rock.

comedian steven wright

Q&A: Steven Wright

Boston has produced an endless stream of great comics, but perhaps none as revered as Steven Wright, who became famous in the ’80s for his unique one-liners.

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Culture Calendar: Eight Arts and Entertainment Must-Sees in November 2012

Eight arts and entertainment must-sees in November.

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Hot Button: David Mamet’s ‘Race’ Comes to Boston

The Boston premiere of David Mamet’s new play is a reminder of our city’s troubled past.

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Culture Calendar: Eight Must-See Arts and Entertainment Events in October 2012

Bring in a new month with these arts and entertainment events in Boston.

Norman Bridwell and Clifford
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Clifford the Big Red Dog Turns 50

Vineyarder Norman Bridwell created Clifford a half-century ago. It was the best accident of his life.

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Boston for Reals: Reality TV Shows Based in the City

Which Boston-based reality show should you watch this fall? Use this flow chart to find out.

Kelburn Castle in Scotland
City Life

Arts Beat: Paint the Town

Graffiti made them the darlings of the gallery world. Now the ICA will make them a household name.

amity island jaws
Arts & Entertainment

Return to Amity Island

As Jawsfest kicks off this month, here’s a look at the filming of the legendary movie.

City Life

Tim Chamberlain: Comics Relief

How this local artist became a big-deal cartoonist.

boston pops conductor keith lockhard

Q+A: Keith Lockhart

After 17 seasons conducting the Boston Pops, Keith Lockhart is as much a part of the Fourth of July around here as Sam or John Adams. (Okay, not quite, but it seems that way!)

City Life

Pit Stops

Party with the angst-ridden dance band Passion Pit.