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How to Disrupt the Whiteness of Boston Philanthropy, One Dollar at a Time

Quincy Miller is no stranger to community service. The president of Eastern Bank has given his time and expertise to organizations that help kids become […]

City Life

Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Marked the End of Casual Sex?

Not long after the virus first hit, I was in a committed relationship, so casual sex wasn’t really an issue. When the relationship ended, though, […]

City Life

The Interview: Joe Curtatone Is a Rebel With a Cause

As the leader of one of the region’s most “abnormal” (his word) cities, Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone has never been afraid to go against the […]

City Life

A Bostonian Abroad in the Suburbs

During the first weekend of March, I was pretty busy. On Saturday alone, I took the Red Line into Davis Square to meet friends at […]

Home & Property

How the Famous Hood Milk Bottle Arrived in Fort Point

Any list of the city’s most iconic landmarks would have to include the Hood Milk Bottle. A beacon for the Boston Children’s Museum, which stands […]

Home & Property

Nina Farmer’s Bright Beacon Hill Kitchen Was Once a Dark Bedroom

When Nina Farmer and her husband first moved into their Beacon Hill home, the couple’s kitchen was hardly the inviting hangout space it is today. […]

Home & Property

Poggenpohl’s Rosemary Porto Dishes on Skincare, Books, Wine, and More

Calling Rosemary Porto’s March retirement the end of an era for the Boston design community might seem like a stretch at first. But when you […]

Home & Property

How Will COVID-19 Affect the Future of Home Design?

Architect Stephen Chung has approached the world of design from just about every angle. A master’s in architectural design from Harvard? He earned one. Experience […]

City Life

The Last Lobster Supper?

Mark Ring has been fishing the Stanley Thomas for nearly 30 years. With its red hull, the sturdy boat is the watercraft incarnation of Ring […]

City Life

Who’s Gonna Take the Weight: Mo Cowan and Being Black in America

You may think you know something about me, but I want you to really know who I am. I am an executive at a Fortune […]

Life & Style

What’s the Future of Boston’s Retail Storefronts?

It was early March BC (Before COVID-19) when I found myself with the sudden urge to buy a certain Bottega Veneta square-toe pump that had […]

City Life

The Interview: “Security Mom” and CNN Analyst Juliette Kayyem Knows Best

The first thing you notice about Juliette Kayyem is her distinctive voice: authoritative, assertive, but always reassuring. It’s the sound of a well-informed friend, or, […]

City Life

The Last Days of Whitey Bulger 

It’s never news when an aging retiree leaves the cold confines of Boston for the dry, warm climate of Arizona, but Whitey Bulger was no […]

Home & Property

Architect Maryann Thompson Talks Sustainable and Accessible Design

For architect Maryann Thompson, leading her Cambridge-based design firm feels more like play than work. “[Architecture] is like a three-dimensional puzzle,” she says. “It’s really […]

Home & Property

This New England Ceramicist Crafts Beautiful, Functional Pottery

After tying her apron in a bow behind her back, Elizabeth Benotti picks up a rolling pin from a dusty wooden table. A metal whisk, […]