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The Last Days of Whitey Bulger 

It’s never news when an aging retiree leaves the cold confines of Boston for the dry, warm climate of Arizona, but Whitey Bulger was no […]

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Architect Maryann Thompson Talks Sustainable and Accessible Design

For architect Maryann Thompson, leading her Cambridge-based design firm feels more like play than work. “[Architecture] is like a three-dimensional puzzle,” she says. “It’s really […]

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This New England Ceramicist Crafts Beautiful, Functional Pottery

After tying her apron in a bow behind her back, Elizabeth Benotti picks up a rolling pin from a dusty wooden table. A metal whisk, […]

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Designer Jeff Swanson’s Living Room Strikes a Balance Between Two Contrasting Styles

When Jeff Swanson first stepped foot into the living room of an old schoolhouse turned condominium on Beacon Hill, he was merely a visitor. The […]

City Life

Will COVID-19 Change Boston’s Dating Scene for Good?

Way back in time, when people still went out to bars with strangers and you could touch your face in public, I went on a […]

City Life

Boston’s Gala Season That Never Was

For  30 years, I’ve covered Boston’s social scene, writing about the black-tie galas, luncheons, dinner dances, fashion shows, and fundraisers that make up what I’ve […]

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The Interview: Kingston Resident and Oscar Winner Chris Cooper

When you think of the area’s most famous movie stars, Chris Cooper probably isn’t the first name that leaps to mind. But over the past […]

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A Different Kind of Catholic Church Scandal at a Winchester Parish

St. Mary’s Director of Ministries Sal Caraviello was milling around at a lunch service when he got the panicked call. It was a chilly Thursday […]

City Life

The Long Way Home: Confronting My Identity on the MBTA

The question started making the rounds a few years ago, sometimes whispered in my ear, other times asked outright in large gatherings: “Has it happened […]


The Interview: Planet Fitness CEO Chris Rondeau

Way back in 1993, Chris Rondeau was a fresh face at a newly founded budget gym called Planet Fitness, where he manned the front desk […]

City Life

Should I Have Kids…Or Save the Planet?

When I made the decision two decades ago to become a parent, I didn’t think much about climate change. Living with my then-husband in Johannesburg, […]

Horticultural Hall
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Discover the History behind Horticultural Hall

We’ve seen plenty of trend pieces about millennials’ love for plants. But today’s tenders of massive monsteras have nothing on the green-thumbed enthusiasts of centuries […]

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Designer Lisa Miao Pulls off a Dramatic Kitchen Makeover

When Lisa Miao, who had been living in London for six years, learned that her husband’s job would take their growing family back to Boston, […]

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Boston Architectural College’s Mahesh Daas Is on a Mission to Reshape Design Education

In 1990, Mahesh Daas became the first person in his family to get a college degree. Then, the following year, armed with a B.A. in […]

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Peterman’s Boards and Bowls Takes an Eco-Friendly Approach to Crafting Kitchenware

Spencer Peterman moves through his Massachusetts home—a renovated 18th-century tavern in Gill, near the Vermont border—pointing out everything that he’s either reclaimed or restored. The […]