Liquids: Rioja

My friend Peter recently mailed me a printout of the contents of his wine cellar, amounting to several thousand bottles of wine, and asked if […]

Liquids: Bitters

During a recent round of research (a.k.a. barhopping), I was pretty disappointed by the state of cocktails in our fair city. While attempting to sip […]

Liquids: Pinot Noir

Ever since cell phones shrank from the size of Michael Jordan’s sneaker down to something a little smaller than a Twinkie, I’ve been on call […]

Liquids: Wine Temperature

You’re going to think I’m crazy—perhaps you already do if you read this column regularly—but I need to share a theory with you that could […]

Liquids: Rum

If you enjoy cocktails as much as I do, you probably agree with my credo that it’s always got to be happy hour somewhere in […]

Liquids: Apéritifs

When I was just learning to cook, I planned a dinner party with what I’ve come to realize are my typically manic high expectations. You […]

Liquids: Sicilian Wine

The hills and valleys of Sicily in spring were ablaze with incandescent yellow buttercups growing wild just about everywhere that grapevines were not. “Signore, signori, […]

Liquids: Riesling

It started out as a relaxed, civilized meal with five friends in the Soirée Room at UpStairs on the Square. Then the waiter gave us […]

Liquids: Whiskey

I once spent a cold, rainy night at a fancy British inn where I was attended by a brilliant Irish butler named Morris, whose wry […]

Liquids: Pink Champagne

If you haven’t made dinner plans for Valentine’s Day yet, take my advice: Don’t. Few days on the calendar stress out restaurateurs and diners more […]

Liquids: Dessert Wine

Ask me what’s a good meal. Go ahead. My answer: any meal with wine. What’s a great meal? One that pairs a different wine with […]

Liquids: Tequila

Though my first job out of college was supposed to be writing this column (well, at least according to my parents), I instead took a […]

Liquids: Cognacs

During the final winter of my unmarried youth (a.k.a. just before I got engaged), I took a trip to France with my buddy Jeff that […]

Liquids: Boston Beers

A highly capricious poll I conducted recently on the meaning of Oktoberfest yielded the following answers from contemporaries: a “theme” party with people dressed like […]

Liquids: Malternatives

Remember Zima? Of course you do. Way back in 1993, when your stock portfolio was, like, double its current value, nothing was more satisfying after […]