Liquids: Sauvignon Blanc

If the gourmand James Beard, the uncontested champion of cream and butter, were still alive and chomping, I have no doubt that he would try […]

Liquids: Locally Inspired Cocktails

The last thing I expected to discover at the Nantucket Wine Festival was a great vodka. But there it was. After a bumpy ride on […]

Liquids: Springtime Red Wines

The fact that my 89-year-old Italian, devout Roman Catholic grandmother keeps a bottle of Manischewitz in her fridge has absolutely nothing to do with the […]

Liquids: Summertime Rum Drinks

If you enjoy cocktails as much as I do, you probably agree with my credo that it’s always got to be happy hour somewhere in […]

Liquids: Wine Terminology

“This,” said the sommelier as he presented me with a bottle of Ca’Viola “Barturot” Dolcetto D’Alba, “has a most excellent nose.” We nodded at each […]

Liquids: Valentine's Day Wines

My first crush, the one that did some real damage, was on Diane Valdez in the ninth grade. She was a Latina—Cuban, to be exact—and […]