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Local App ‘Lose It’ Offers New Feature: ‘Snap It’

A local app could be the answer to your winter diet woes.


How to Survive the Holiday Season

With gifts to wrap, guests to host, and meals to plan, the holidays aren’t always a source of good cheer. But never fear: It is possible to stop stressing.


A 19th-Century Apothecary Kit

See it at Massachusetts General Hospital.


Five Cold-Weather Fitness Ideas

Kick the cold.


Food for Thought

A local expert weighs in on the latest food trends.


Debunking Tom Brady’s Diet

The Patriots QB is known for his very restrictive, slightly bizarre diet. How much of it is legit?


Healthy and Scenic Commutes in Boston

Squeeze in a little extra exercise—and avoid those MBTA fare hikes—by walking or biking your commute.

City Life

Michelle Williams and Paula Johnson Are Making Their Mark

Harvard’s School of Public Health and Wellesley College are getting new leadership—and breaking new ground.


Pumping Platinum at Ezia Athletic Club in Nantucket

What to expect from Nantucket’s forthcoming Ezia Athletic Club.


Five Cape and Islands Fitness Classes with a Side of Summer Fun

Want to get in shape without wrecking your vacation vibe? These five Cape and Islands classes offer fitness with a side of summer fun.


Club Sports: Welcome to the World of Nightclub Fitness

More and more fitness fans are trading the barre for the bar.


A New Crop of High-Tech Running Shoes

Just in time for marathon season.


Your Stool Could Be the Next Breakthrough in Medicine

Here’s how your poop could cure disease.


The Color of Cancer

Much of our medical research focuses on white populations, and that’s a serious problem.


The Guide: Have a Heart

What if scientists could grow an organ designed just for you?