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The Last Days of Dogtown

In her third novel, the author of The Red Tent and Good Harbor again breaks old ground, this time on early-19th-century Cape Ann. The community […]

A Little Love Story

Jake Entwhistle's mother is losing her mind, his sister is on drugs in Reno, and his girlfriend died on a 9/11 airliner. Just as this […]

Judge Sewall's Apology

Our idea of a Boston Puritan is all black hats and scarlet letters, so this absorbing biography is a welcome correction. Samuel Sewall was one […]

Trophy House

All is well for children's illustrator Dannie Faber until a grotesque McMansion, complete with tower, is built next to her Truro bungalow. Then a mysterious […]

The Lady and the Panda

The first live giant panda seen in the West wasn't bagged by a strapping, mustachioed Great White Hunter, but by a New York socialite named […]

Blinding Light

In his previous book of fiction, The Stranger at the Palazzo d’Oro, Paul Theroux dripped a great deal of ink over sex. Not just on […]

Ballpark Blues

Phenoms live only in books and movies, and the enigmatic Casey Fox is no exception. Tooke's tense and tight debut novel relates Fox's meteoric rise […]

The Lawn Bible

Where would Nomar be without Mellor? Okay, he'd still be the Red Sox shortstop, but the infield grass at Fenway wouldn't be nearly as green […]

The Teammates: A Portrait of Friendship

Ted Williams and his “guys”—Dom DiMaggio, Bobby Doerr, and Johnny Pesky—were the four horses that pulled the Red Sox through the 1940s and '50s. Framed […]

Ted Williams: Reflections on a Splendid Life

Dom DiMaggio speaks for all Bostonians when he writes in the foreword to this dazzling collection of essays about the Splendid Splinter, “Ted Williams was […]

The Long Ball

It was the best of seasons, it was the worst of seasons. In 1975, baseball fans reveled in an extraordinary summer, which culminated in what […]