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April 2000 Issue


Having found redemption in the image of his sainted mother, Ted Kennedy gives new meaning to the old saying that a Rose is a Rose is a Rose.

One dreary morning last February, Michael Sullivan sat in his Brockton office contemplating the daunting task of ridding Massachusetts of 38-year incumbent U.S. Senator Edward […]


Gold Fever

I received a call the other day from a client, a widow in her seventies. “My friends are making a fortune,” the woman screamed at […]

Woman Obsessed

Donna Harris-Lewis swings her gray Range Rover into the parking lot abutting the John D. O’Byrant African-American Institute at Northeastern University, her alma mater and […]

If he'd stuck to half-truths, Martin Hanley could have gotten off with a slap on the wrist. Instead, like the specter that haunted Macbeth, this notorious political fixer returned again and again to expose hypocrisy-and paid a hefty price for it.

By the time Martin J. Hanley died—on the second day of the new millennium—he was scarcely even a footnote in the sordid history of Massachusetts […]

Super Nova

Watching an entrepreneur flame out while pitching his business to Dan Nova is not a dramatic event. There's no shouting or table-pounding. No oaths are […]