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April 2003 Issue



Local favorite Davio’s hits and misses in its most elegant location yet.

Perhaps only hard-working Steve DiFillippo, whose Davio's restaurant has managed to thrive despite several changes of address, could take the big old Paine Furniture site—a […]


Well, maybe not that long. But a growing number of respected scientists believe it will be possible — in the not-too-distant future — to create drugs that not only extend your life by decades but also stave off diseases.

Sound too good to be

Can you feel it? It's happening right now, and the worst part — nature's cruelest twist — is that the fuels your body relies on […]

Just when he finally learned to love Boston, our man moves away.

So I've finally experienced a rite of passage that makes me feel like a true Bostonian. I've moved to New York. I did it for […]

A century ago this year, the Boston Baseball Americans took on Pittsburgh in the first-ever World Series. And Game Three of that series was the moment baseball in Boston transcended itself.

One hundred years ago, in the quickly thickening dusk of a raw October Tuesday, pitcher Bill Dinneen of the Boston Baseball Americans gazed at catcher […]

Ever seen that gun-control billboard on the Mass. Pike showing the smiling faces of kids who were killed by handguns? That's John Rosenthal's work. Now he's about to completely transform the face of Kenmore Square with an 885,000-square-f

This is the unlikely center of John Rosenthal's life. An environmentalist and gun-control activist, he has pinned his future on an unsightly stretch of urban […]

Ever considered smoking pot for a living? Or having your veins shot full of red dye? Or testing new medications that might kill you? Join the growing ranks of Boston's “professional patients.”

Wild-eyed and disheveled, his mustard-colored T-shirt rumpled and blond curls dancing about his head, Jeffrey Conolly bursts into Dali restaurant half an hour late, shouting […]

What's more important than your health? Inspired by a slew of studies saying that Bostonians are among the healthiest people in the country, we did our own research to find the towns where the air is cleanest, the streets are safest, and the germs

Norm and Frasier didn't get out and exercise much — unless you count those triceps reps with beer steins. As for Ally, all those 85-hour […]

One of the bloodiest crimes in Boston history is about to be relived in a trial that promises to reveal for the first time the apparent ties between a Chinatown gang war, a late-night, execution-style massacre in a smoky basement gambling parlor, and a

There are ghosts in Chinatown. Walk down Beach Street and you'll see them. Along the walls of the worn row houses and above the bustling […]

Ballpark Blues

Phenoms live only in books and movies, and the enigmatic Casey Fox is no exception. Tooke's tense and tight debut novel relates Fox's meteoric rise […]

The Lawn Bible

Where would Nomar be without Mellor? Okay, he'd still be the Red Sox shortstop, but the infield grass at Fenway wouldn't be nearly as green […]

The Teammates: A Portrait of Friendship

Ted Williams and his “guys”—Dom DiMaggio, Bobby Doerr, and Johnny Pesky—were the four horses that pulled the Red Sox through the 1940s and '50s. Framed […]

Ted Williams: Reflections on a Splendid Life

Dom DiMaggio speaks for all Bostonians when he writes in the foreword to this dazzling collection of essays about the Splendid Splinter, “Ted Williams was […]

The Long Ball

It was the best of seasons, it was the worst of seasons. In 1975, baseball fans reveled in an extraordinary summer, which culminated in what […]