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April 2007 Issue


The Independent Film Festival returns with high hopes and a distinctly New England feel.

Boston Goes Indie

IFF Schedule

Wednesday SOMERVILLE 7 p.m. “Fay Grim” The sequel “Henry Fool” (1997) stars Parker Posey as Fay Grim, a woman coerced by the CIA into following […]

He usually lets his bat do most of the talking. Now, at the start of a new season, there are a few things Big Papi himself wants you to know. Like the real reason he points to the sky after those heroic home runs. What he really thinks about the Yankees.

The Papi Monologues

A Memorandum on the Protocols of Power Breakfasting in the Power Breakfast Capital of the World

Pancakes, Bacon, and a Side of Influence

South Boston’s Elisa Santry went on her Outward Bound trip, as the company’s own ads say, to test her limits. She wound up lying face down and bloody on a rocky canyon floor. A year later, her family is still struggling to make sense of what

Dangers That Can Cause or Lead To…

It took moving to an unabashedly modern wonderland halfway around the world to make me realize how much I love Boston. An even deeper love has me saying goodbye yet again.

Greetings from Paradise! Can I Come Home Now?

What does a blue-collar North End kid turned hedge fund legend do with his prodigious fortune? If you’re Jim Pallotta, you build a 27,000-square-foot mansion to top them all, a Shangri-la capable of turning heads even in the state’s richest to

The House That Ate Weston

One chef. Five cuisines. One funky fruit is the common denominator.

In the Limelight

Our food editor solves another culinary quandary.

Ask Jane: For Starters

What’s Cooking

April’s Culinary Calendar



Another day, another report of botched DNA evidence. Of faulty witness testimony and official misconduct. Of yet another innocent man released from jail. There seems to be no end in sight, as the issue of unjust imprisonment has forced its way back into t

The Price of Innocence

Deals don’t get done over a cruller and cup of joe at Dunkin’ Donuts. Nine haunts favored by VIPs looking to network while they nosh.

Power: Places