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April 2009 Issue

Dustin Pedroia Comes Out Swinging

He’s not that short, can’t stand his hometown, and thinks A-Rod is a big “dork.” And even after the World Series win, even after the MVP award, he still feels he needs to fight for respect.


Home Design: The New Cozy

With “going out” and “getting away” feeling like relics of a more carefree era, today’s homeowners are creating all-inclusive retreats within their own four walls.

Top of Mind: Charlie Baker

Harvard Pilgrim CEO, healthcare reform pot-stirrer, Great Massachusetts Republican Hope, 52, Swampscott.

It’s Much, Much More Than Just a Hat

Conceived by a pair of local real estate heirs, manufactured by Dedham outfitter Twins ’47, the chosen cap of Red Sox fans upended an entire industry—and became a fitting symbol for our city.

The Lady of the House

Isabella Stewart Gardner left strict orders: The palazzo she built on the Fens should never, ever change. But museum director Anne Hawley has some strong ideas of her own. Inside her radical—and risky—plan to propel the beloved institution into the 21st century.

Reconsidering Todd English

Twenty years after Olives exploded onto the scene in a hail of garnishes and shaved truffle, its celebrity-chef founder has gone from golden boy to tourist-feeding hack in the eyes of Boston’s food establishment. Problem is, we’ve been judging him by the wrong measures all along.

English hugs it out with his fiercest critic.

In September 1997, GQ published “The Boston Glob,” a hilariously scathing takedown of the city’s food scene by restaurant critic Alan Richman, a one-time Globe […]

The animé origins of Hideki Okajima’s super-windup.

VIEW THE SLIDE SHOW TO COMPARE OKAJIMA’S WIND-UP TO THE COMIC. As a kid growing up in Kyoto, Hideki Okajima learned his pitching delivery from […]

As told to Kevin Alexander by Matt P., 31, an actor from Los Angeles

It was the third inning of Game 2 of the 2007 World Series, and we were sitting in my buddy’s apartment on Beacon Street. We’d […]


Cleaning Up the Art World

One spurious Tintoretto at a time.

Every Legacy Needs An Architect

How sports agent Lee Fentress got the job of memorializing Ted Kennedy.

My Zen is Better Than Your Zen

With conspicuous consumption now considered ill-advised at best, seeking inner peace has become the one-upsmanship du jour.

The Argument: A House United Cannot Stand

What would it take to really fix Beacon Hill? A party insurrection — like the one once led by a couple of upstart Dems named Dukakis and Frank — is a good place to start.



Dining Out: Craigie on Main

There’s a reason foodies are flocking to Tony Maws’s sprawling new digs in Central Square: The exquisite locavore grub is guaranteed to fascinate, even when it wanders too far afield.