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August 2002 Issue



Though 33 Restaurant & Lounge is now open in place of the doomed Zita, its French and Italian menu is still under construction.

33 Restaurant & Lounge 33 Stanhope Street, Boston 617-572-3311 Chef: Charles Draghi Charles Draghi is a man who can cast spells talking about food and […]

The coolest wine to while away the long, hot days of summer is sangria.

I’ve been called many things in my lifetime (especially by my wife), but “prescient” isn’t one of them. However, I think I’ve spotted a trend […]


Everybody wants a piece of Tom Brady. People Magazine. High school girls. Yet even with his Super Bowl ring, Brady will never be the 21st century's answer to playboys like Joe Namath. Dull as it sounds, the Patriots' heartthrob QB car

The blitz is on, and it's a fierce one. They're coming from every angle, desperate for a piece of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, eager to […]

For Peter Wolf, life still ain't nothin' but a party. And on his new solo album, he does some serious howling.

Peter Wolf believes in magic. Not the kind that involves top hats and white rabbits or voodoo dolls and pins, but the magic that happens […]

Sean Galliher had it all: close family, fiancée, Air Force career. Then the cops showed up looking for kiddie porn. Two days later, he hanged himself. It's a story that has rocked his suburban Boston hometown.

Ever taken a shot to the gut? Maybe a soccer ball caught you flush or a bad spill off a bike knocked the wind out […]

When it comes to electoral appeal, candidate Reich comes up short.

“I said to my wife, 'Honey, why do people seem to take such an instant dislike to me?' And she shrugged and said: 'Saves time.'” […]

What do you have to do to get arrested in this town?

I'm standing in Government Center Plaza daring a cop to arrest me. This is what it's come to. As soon as my friend Jeff and […]

It doesn't go so far as to call them the next Enrons or WorldComs, but a report from a Boston-based watchdog group claims Lucent Technologies, […]

Massachusetts lawyers have been warned to be polite. Lawyer joke? Nope. The Boston Bar Association is cracking down on the rudest of the rude. “Rambo, […]

Curled up in an armchair in front of a fireplace reading her New York Times, Rachel Jones has almost forgotten she's waiting for a friend […]

No word yet on the furnishings, but Barry and Susan Tatelman have purchased a $3 million condominium on Arlington Street in the Back Bay, opposite […]

Sinful Dessert

If it were anybody else's recipe, nothing about the mixings for angel pie in a cookbook compiled by parishioners of Saint Julia's Church in Weston […]

Bomber's Away

Just over a decade after he conspired to build a bomb that was apparently intended to kill his father but instead killed one Boston police […]

It's not in the league of John Belushi popping his potato-packed cheeks in Animal House, but a little-noticed food fight breaking out in a Boston […]