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August 2003 Issue



Chef Robert Fathman’s creative cooking comes into focus (sometimes) at the Lenox Hotel’s new Azure.

Robert Fathman is a creative, charismatic chef who has been something of a food-world cult figure, nearly—but not quite—bursting onto the scene. A motorcycle-riding, tattooed […]

Think the best wine bars and restaurants in town serve wine at the proper temperatures? Think again.

You’re going to think I’m crazy—perhaps you already do if you read this column regularly—but I need to share a theory with you that could […]


How the smart and savvy one-time king of Massachusetts politics let his brother drag him down.

At the conclusion of the House Government Reform Committee hearing that marked the beginning of the end of his public career, William M. Bulger rose […]

Jumping from rooftop to roof-top with his cross-dressing pal, abandoning glitzy homes and cars along the way, and stealing the identities of Boston lawyers to pay for it all, Shawn Pelley led authorities on a dizzying chase in a high-stakes game of catc

Still wet from the shower, Shawn Pelley was popping a Nickelback CD into his stereo when he glanced outside and noticed the three men. Wearing […]

Abusive weather. Early closing times. That baseball curse. What the hell is there to laugh about? Apparently, a lot. Boston comics weigh in on what makes this the funniest city in America.

If the birth of American comedy could be traced to an instant, it wouldn't be the night of capering vandalism that was the Boston Tea […]

What started as the daydream of a local retired businessman and a pair of writers opens in theaters nationwide this month.

Blinded by waves of snow, I'm skidding my way to Chestnut Hill to meet a man named David Bakalar. Wham! I slam into the car […]

Logan Airport? Veal sashimi? Nasal implants? Our disgruntled columnist dishes it out about this town's most dubious people, places, and things.

It's that time of year. Boston magazine has once again produced the fat, shiny compendium you now hold in your hands: the Best of Boston […]