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August 2004 Issue



The soul of Italy is what inspires chef Josh Ziskin’s reliable new bistro, La Morra.

You won't get me to say that Boston now has a neighborhood restaurant where a non-Italian chef has somehow absorbed the essence of Italian cooking […]

Greece is ready to showcase the strength of its wines in time for this month’s festivities.

Her name was Vasilia, but my hormone-crazed high school buddies and I called her “Darling Viki,” a reference to Prince’s smutty Purple Rain–era ballad “Darling […]


A university lecturer with a master's from Yale, she took another job to pay the bills — callgirl.

People ask so many questions about it. You did that? You're kidding, right? What's it really like? What kinds of people use the service? What […]

Harvard's Kennedy School was supposed to train leaders. These days, it's more like Schmooze U.

One Tuesday night this past spring, a group of angry students camped out in the courtyard of Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government. In […]

Matt Damon Grows Up

Before Matt Damon shows up on a rooftop balcony at Rome’s Hotel de Russie, before he sits down and tells me about growing up in […]

How it reacted to the Democratic convention revealed a lot about Boston — just not quite in the way the planners intended.

At around 6 p.m. on the third night of the Democratic National Convention, the shiny, worldly, more tolerant New Boston the event's local organizers were […]

Thirty years after busing started, all of greater Boston is more segregated than ever.

The old man rose slowly from his seat in the back of the room. He was a big man, and the wooden floor creaked beneath […]

Governor Mitt Romney takes the national stage this month amid rumors that he'll leave his job. Is his understudy, Kerry Healey, ready to step up?

It's a slower-than-slow news day, and an increasingly desperate TV reporter is prowling City Hall Plaza, trying to wring a feature out of an ice […]

Fleecing her paramour (who was also her boss) was the latest twist in the bizarre life of Natier Chartres, a pretty fashion designer and supposed baroness with a flair for reinvention, a knack for ensnaring powerful men, and a habit of leaving hard feelin

By all accounts, it was a fairy-tale wedding, and in the Parker House it had an ideal setting. Porters in double-breasted white jackets greeted guests […]

A BU professor fights to publicize his report claiming there's a link between cancer deaths and IBM plants. But Big Blue is doing all it can to stop him.

Dick Clapp knows cancer. “This is my bible,” he says, holding up a purple book thicker than an actual Bible. The title Cancer Epidemiology and […]