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August 2007 Issue


El Guapo Rides Again

His fastball isn’t what it used to be, and the crowds are a whole lot smaller than those he once charmed at Fenway. But Rich Garces is still the one and only El Guapo—and well into his improbable comeback tour, that’s more than enough to keep the party going.

Duck, Duck Lawsuit!

With a new competitor roiling the waters, the business of toting around boatloads of quack-happy tourists has turned downright cutthroat. And the legal fight’s not the half of it.


Dispatches from the Next Tech Gold Rush

Biotech gets all the hype. Until not so long ago, Silicon Valley was getting all the money. Now local high-tech entrepreneurs are forging a quiet resurgence—and might just transform the Hub in the bargain.

Collision Course

Liko Kenney came from a fiercely free-spirited New Hampshire clan that produced skier Bode Miller and ran the popular Tamarack Tennis Camp on its backwoods compound. Bruce McKay was a hard-nosed cop who felt people needed to be taught to follow the rules. In the end, their final confrontation was as shocking as it was inevitable.

Smut for Sophisticates

Publishing entrepreneurs Holly Schmidt and Allan Penn are betting there’s an untapped market for sex books that appeal to the kinds of brainy readers who don’t normally buy sex books. Barnes & Noble is betting they’re right.

Majoring in Power Struggles

UMass chairman Stephen Tocco’s plan for fixing the school deserves a better hearing than it’s received. But then, where our public university is concerned, politics always trumps common sense.

Death Before Yielding

Renewed efforts to ease the age-old blood feud among Boston’s drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians blow right past a key question: What if, deep down, we kind of enjoy the madness that transpires on our roads every day?



Dining Out: Fishing for Compliments

Leather District newcomer O Ya takes raw-ficionados on an exhilarating adventure in high-flying Japanese cuisine. The nuanced, inspired results are a revelation.