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December 2001 Issue



With its menu of simple New England comfort food, the Fireplace is warming up Washington Square.

I've been waiting for the Fireplace. I don't mean the actual restaurant that recently opened at Washington Square in Brookline, although I'm awfully pleased it's […]


Demands are increasing for the United States to seal up its boundary with Canada. But the reality is that the rural New England border will remain an open door to any terrorist determined to sneak across. And the closest major urban area is Boston.

John Pfeifer parks his sedan at the corner of Maple Street and walks north a few hundred feet to the frontline of the war. “I […]

Judge Nancy Gertner let a black man off easy, ruling he was a victim of racial profiling. Such decisions have earned this former liberal activist respect. But critics say she's on a crusade to push the limits of the law.

U.S. District Court Judge Nancy Gertner could tell one thing for sure about Alexander Leviner, a black man from Roxbury: He had bad luck in […]

Most New Englanders seem to forget that there's a coastline out there this time of year. That's fine with the people who practice the peculiar sport of winter surfing. They get the ocean all to themselves.

It's barely after sunrise, or it would be if the sun were out, which — this being New England in the winter — it isn't. […]

A former Patriots general manager recounts how egos and infighting dogged his team and failed its fans. It's a tumultuous and sometimes comical story – and a timeless tale of Boston sports.

In hindsight, my first news conference as the newly appointed general manager of the New England Patriots should have been an omen. It was February […]

The consequences of political patronage were tragically exposed byMassport's failure to thwart the September hijackings. But in Massachusetts, hacking is just politics as usual.

One winter afternoon in 1997, Peter Blute, then director of the Massachusetts Port Authority, received a fateful phone call. On the line was the man […]

As Americans question their newly divided world, more and more are turning to one Boston-based religion for the answers.

The First Church Unitarian Universalist in Leominster expected 200 people this drizzly morning, but only 50 or so have shuffled into the semicircular pews. It's […]