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December 2002 Issue



Turner Fisheries' new look and menu have turned the spot into a real catch.

Turner Fisheries The Westin Copley Place 10 Huntington Avenue, Boston 617-424-7425 Chef: Eric Heinrich I shouldn't like Turner Fisheries as much as I do. It's […]

France’s greatest distilled spirit reveals that its charm is the sum of many intriguing parts.

During the final winter of my unmarried youth (a.k.a. just before I got engaged), I took a trip to France with my buddy Jeff that […]


Les Otten borrowed millions to build one of the premier ski-resort chains, then left with his company buried in debt. Now New England skiers are paying the price.

Last year's ski season was one of the worst in recent New England history. Mild temperatures melted away what little powder the Northeast usually gets […]

Like so many other thirtysomething women, Nicki Azoff turned to a fertility clinic to get pregnant. Six months later, her twins joined the growing ranks of preemies clinging to life at a Boston hospital.

First, you notice the babies. Some so tiny, each fits into the palm of a doctor's hand and weighs no more than a few apples. […]

Top-dollar lift tickets, long lines, soulless lodges. Who needs them? These 13 independent ski resorts serve up skiing New England style — raw, honest, and unchanged.

Nostalgia is once again taking its place in American culture. From the renewed popularity of the Mini Cooper to the thirst for 1970s-style fashion to […]

Today's spas offer a lot more than massages and yoga. Now, there are chanting sessions and Reiki treatments. But can a few days at a spa this winter really change your life?

I know what you're thinking: Two weeks away from the office to visit spas — it doesn't get much better than that. Sleeping in, body […]

What happens when a single man, a single woman, and the spectre of an ex-wife jump in bed together?

I was nestling into the pillows one night, the cordless phone cradled on my shoulder, while Joe, the man of the moment, told me a […]

Massachusetts state officials sterilized and imprisoned “inferiors” and “defectives” they thought would contaminate the gene pool — years before the Nazis ever started doing it. Now, for the first time, this once-secret story is revealed.

Make a right off Route 202, about 90 miles west of Boston, and climb a steep tree-lined road to the town of Shutesbury, population: 1,800. […]

Bad things were done to Zeke Hawkins at the Groton School. But he kept his secret for more than two years, until he felt he could stay silent no longer. What Zeke said one morning at roll call transformed a quiet controversy into a scandal that continue

Though the trees along its walkways still stand bare of leaves, the glory of the Groton School is otherwise on full display this early spring […]