December 2018 Issue


Howie Carr Is Deplorable—and He Couldn't Be Happier

His journey from fearless journalist to Trump’s loudest fan.



Obsessions: Bar Mezzana Chef Colin Lynch

Chef Colin Lynch shares seven things he can’t live without.


The Devil Is in the Details

Chefs hatch ideas for gussied-up spins on everyone’s favorite hors d’oeuvre, deviled eggs.


Small Bite: Recipe for Success

Top Chef alum debuts a highly anticipated Italian restaurant and wine bar.

Fashion + Style

Life & Style

Object of Desire: Filson Watch

Welcoming American heritage brand Filson to the Seaport.

Life & Style

What's In Store: Wrap It Up

Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list at one of the city’s indie boutiques.


Snow Day

Relish the chill with these five winter-sports destinations close to home.

Life & Style

Boston Traveler: Havana, Cuba

Be prepared to abandon your itinerary: This once-forbidden Caribbean capital has its own colorful, unforgettable plans for you.



Has Boston Given Up On God?

The church once held a powerful place in this town. But as science and tech take over, a new religion is taking its place.


I Tried It: The Digital Detox

Is it really possible to unplug for a day?


I Tried It: Float, Freeze, Sweat

From subzero cryo-chambers to float pods, what won’t we do in the name of wellness?



Is Boston’s Real Estate Bubble Unpoppable?

Interest rates are rising and housing markets all over the country are slowing down. But does any of that matter here?


Influencer: Emily Isenberg Is the Life of the Party

Marketing whiz Emily Isenberg on throwing pop-ups for Kanye and Edelman.


Face-Off: Who Won It Best?

Robert Kraft versus John Henry: Which billionaire owner reigns supreme?


Why Does Boston Still Accept a Christmas Tree from Nova Scotia Every Year?

Nova Scotia has shown its gratitude for Boston’s aid after the great Halifax Explosion by giving our city a Christmas tree every winter. Isn't it time we consider the debt paid and get a local tree?

Home Design

Home & Property

Either-Or: A Connecticut Cape vs. Charlestown’s Cutest Condo

It’s amazing what a few miles will do to the market.



The Interview: Jaylen Brown

The Celtics star on why video games are the future of sports and Internet trolls give him superpowers.


Why Yankee Food Fails

Regional cuisines everywhere from Copenhagen to California have gotten modern makeovers. So why is New England food still stuck in the past?

Arts + Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

The Must List

Seven can't-miss things to do and see in December.