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December 2022 Issue


Cold Enough for You?

41 adventures to try before you freeze your *** off.


Arts & Entertainment

Searching for Rembrandt

Did Boston art hunter Cliff Schorer just find a long-lost painting by arguably the most renowned artist of all time? He sure thinks so—and won’t rest until he proves it.

City Life


No hospital beds, no therapists, and no one to help: With mental illness in children skyrocketing in Massachusetts, getting kids the support they need is tougher than ever. Inside a failing system—and the families that pay the price.

City Life

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

Long reserved for the arts, hospitals, cultural institutions, and universities, Boston’s charitable dollar is now being stretched in new directions. Will there be enough to go around in the future?


Arts & Entertainment

Adventures in La-La Land

Every year, young Bostonians go west to find their fame and fortune. Once upon a time, so did I. Thanks to “the fun squad” and Mel Brooks, here’s what I learned in Hollywood.

City Life

The Interview: MIT President Sally Kornbluth

The incoming queen of Kendall Square talks Smoots, “cancel culture,” and getting more young girls into STEM.


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

What happens when your longtime therapist and confidante retires, ending the relationship? I’m about to find out.



Pizza Party!

How many pizza styles have you tried? Where to find the top varieties around town.

Home Design

Home & Property

Either-Or: A Georgian Colonial in Brookline vs. A Gated Sudbury Estate

It’s amazing what a few miles can do to the market. This month, we compare a stately manor just outside the city with a luxury home in suburbia.

Home & Property

Spaces: Make a Statement

The perfect holiday gathering starts with a daringly designed dining space.

Fashion + Style

Life & Style

Gift Guide: The Giving Tree

The perfect present for everyone (at every price point!) exists—all you have to do is turn the page.