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February 2000 Issue


We sent our reporter for consultations with five local cosmetic surgeons. Here's what they had to say.

“Do your nasolabial folds bother you?” “My what?” Renee Bennett O'Sullivan, a Wellesley cosmetic surgeon with a predilection for medical jargon, traced the lines traveling […]

Roxbury’s Jason Pierce had a choice between a path out of the ‘hood and a commercialized thug culture that celebrates criminality in the guise of “keeping it real.” He chose the latter, and now he’s charged with killing two women.

Jason Pierce had been gone two years from the ghetto. A college man now, and hauled up by his own bootstraps too. He’d always been […]

Air Apparent

Legendary Pan Am set the standard in luxurious international air service until its own sense of self-importance helped to shoot it down. Now an unlikely […]