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February 2006 Issue


Economic pressures have forced the Boston Globe to cut dozens of positions. For editor Marty Baron, the challenge now is rallying his demoralized staff to produce a paper you still want to read.

After the final slice of carved turkey had been polished off and the last guests had straggled out, some Boston Globe news staffers would recall […]

The state's biggest landlord lost millions in the biggest bankruptcy of its kind. Now he's 81. And back.

Even by the standards of a town not known for late-night dining, 6:45 seemed a little early for dinner. So Harold Brown's associates couldn't understand […]

Investigators are trying to uncover who on Cape Cod had a reason to murder Shirley Reine. First, they’ll have to figure out who didn’t.

The first bullet smashed into Shirley Reine's chest as she climbed out of her Nissan Maxima. It knocked her to the concrete floor of her […]