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February 2011 Issue

The 50 Most Powerful Women in Boston

In more ways and fields than ever, these women are stepping up and taking the reins in Boston: Meet the players who pull the strings in Boston.


T Is for Trouble

The system is broke, broken, and about to get a whole lot worse. No one on Beacon Hill wants to address any of this, of course, much less fix it. So we will.

The Exhibitionists

When the new ICA opened its doors five years ago, the museum was heralded as Boston’s gleaming shrine to serious, provocative contemporary art. Instead it’s been home to a disappointing string of shallow, blingtastic displays.

Can Aaron Kushner Save the Globe?

Aaron Kushner, the former CEO of a small South Shore greeting-card company, has a top-secret cure for the dying newspaper industry. And he plans to put it to the test by buying the Boston Globe.


Harsh Reality

They’re just using you, Scott. Again.

Ten for Ten

Easy and (almost) painless ways to take a decade off your age. No knives, epic costs, or recovery time required. Yes, really.


The Ultimate: Buffalo Wings

On Super Bowl Sunday, nothing gets a crowd roaring like a plate of spicy, messy, Buffalo-style wings with chunky blue cheese dip and celery stalks.

Small Bite: Blackstrap BBQ

Boston’s newest barbecue joint has much to recommend it.

First Bite: Canary Square

A crowd-pleasing team nests in Jamaica Plain.

Discomfort Food

So many restaurants, so many design flubs. Donna Garlough seeks a place as functional as it is fabulous.


Dining Out: Beacon Hill Bistro

Under a new chef, the posh neighborhood boîte turns out some tremendous dishes. Too bad they’re hiding among the other, uninspired offerings.

Arts + Entertainment

Winter Survival: On Your Block

After a nor’easter, how best to claim ownership of that parking spot you shoveled out? With a chair, of course. Here, our guide to neighborhood-appropriate space-savers.

Person of Interest: Andre Dubus III

The author finds his most conflicted subject yet: himself.

Fashion + Style

Don’t Call It an Escort

Can female friends turn you into a pickup artist? Jason Schwartz hires a wingwoman to find out.

L.L. (Cool) Bean

New England’s beloved outdoor brand explores a stylish new frontier.

Debut: JNG Floral Designs

For centuries, flowers have been thought to communicate a language all their own. If that’s so, then Jimmy Guzman of Boston-based JNG Floral Designs is as fluent as they come.


When Crime Doesn’t Pay

It’s a local tradition: convicts lining up to publish their life story. So why muzzle the guy who faked his way into Harvard?

Q&A: Bobby and Peter Farrelly

The Rhode Islanders — and die-hard Boston sports fans — tell us why they have no regrets over Fever Pitch, and suggest that Bill Simmons man up.