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February 2015 Issue



The best of the city, served between two slices of bread.


City Life

Spoiler Alert

Elizabeth Warren swears she’s not running for president. That may be true, but she’s sure doing a terrible job of it. The war for the soul of the Democratic Party is about to begin—right in our backyard.

City Life

The Life in Our Stars

Cambridge astronomers have emerged as leading exoplanet hunters.

Home & Property

High Style in the North End

A 1,500-square-foot urban retreat blends old-world décor with new-world luxury.


City Life

Boston George’s Big Score

A legendary drug dealer makes a play for the corporate-speaking racket.

City Life

The Education of Daunasia Yancey

She’s young, black, female, gay—and ready for her mug shot. Meet the new face of Boston’s civil rights movement.


City Life

Let It Snow

A close by-the-numbers examination of how we take on winter, and how winter takes on us.

City Life

Harvard’s ‘Fifteen Hottest Freshmen’: A Eulogy

Alexis Wilkinson’s farewell to Harvard’s now-defunct ‘Fifteen Hottest Freshmen’ list.

City Life

The Power of Ideas: Daniel Dain

A Shark Tank for independent restaurants? The Restaurant Investment Group wants to shake up how dining gets financed in Boston.

City Life

Another Winter of Discontent at Northeastern?

Over the Beanpot Tournament’s 62 years, Northeastern has won only four times, most recently in 1988. Local sports poet Bill Littlefield gives his prognosis of this year in verse.

City Life

Running With The Bulls

Tech predictions for 2015.

City Life

Remembering Edward Brooke

Boston was good to him, and Edward was good to Boston.

Arts + Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

Cultural Calendar

Your monthly guide to this month’s events.

Arts & Entertainment

Welcome, J.Law

It’s true: Jennifer Lawrence will be in town this month working on her latest film. To celebrate her arrival, we created a custom travel guide.

Fashion + Style


The New Cosmopolite

He travels light, layers up, and is man enough to wear ochre.

Home & Property

More than Meets the Eye

The Burrage Mansion, once known to locals only as Tom Brady’s former Back Bay apartment building, has a penthouse with an incredible view.



It’s Electric

When it comes to the pour-over coffee vessel Chemex, there are a few things even the staunchest coffee snobs may not know.


Coffee on Wheels

Nowadays, you needn’t visit a brick-and-mortar coffee shop for a high-end caffeine fix.


Little Big Shot

Enjoy this espresso drink of the moment: the 4-ounce cortado.


Drink Like an Aussie!

Slowly but surely, Australia’s caffeinating rituals have infiltrated Boston.


Tastemaking: Building Buzz

Patrick Barter’s homegrown operation is turning out the most in-demand coffee in Boston, one meticulously roasted batch at a time.


Bring the Coffee Bar Home

Boston’s premier beansmiths share their home-brewing wisdom—and divulge the gadgets they swear by to get the job done.


Spilling the Beans

Why a truly great mocha is a little bit rotten.


Dining Out: Fairsted Kitchen

When Mediterranean-leaning cuisine meets grandmother-chic décor, a cozy, friendly, and mostly cohesive neighborhood restaurant emerges.