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Fall 2010 Issue


With one design team at the helm, two brothers build two stunning Lenox homes.

THESE TWO BROTHERS act like typical college-age siblings. They go to the store for bottled water and come home with a gun-shaped vodka bottle. They […]

Seth started his project a year later.

LIKE HIS BROTHER, he wanted an industrial aesthetic and a large, central kitchen (“because everyone always congregates in the kitchen no matter what you do,” […]

Mitch, who serves as the company’s art director despite having no formal art training, viewed his home as just another design project.

“THE MOST IMPORTANT PART is the relationships with the people making the final package,” he says. Luckily, his team included Paul Severance, a builder whom […]


A local company takes custom cabinetry to the next level.

DUST COVERS ALMOST EVERY inch of the 10,000-square-foot workshop in Hyde Park. It covers bulky cutting and sanding equipment imported from Italy and Germany. It […]

Architect Dan Hisel dishes on teaching, working solo, and using Chinese food to fuel the creative process.

BOSTON HOME: You’re a relative newcomer to the Boston area. What’s it like to be a modernist architect working in a region with a conservative […]

When chilly fall nights call for a steaming brew, these pots and kettles will make a most sublime cuppa.

BOSTON AND TEA go hand in hand. We may have chucked a few pounds of it into the harbor a while back, but these days […]