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January 2002 Issue



Troquet's expansive wine list and unequaled cheese selection are the Theater District's latest stars.

A stellar new wine and cheese bar has slipped into the Theater District. Its moderately ambitious dinner menu is still in tryouts, but a few […]


MIT students are supposed to be studying scalable databases and satellite navigation systems. So what are they doing writing short stories?

Once, after reading a passage in which a dog licks its master's face, a student in a fiction writing class at the Massachusetts Institute of […]

When one of the North End's native sons is your guide, this historic and lively neighborhood proves to be much more than just a great place to eat.

This is how a day in the North End winds up: sitting in Caffè Graffiti on Hanover Street surrounded by North Enders, each one stumbling […]

Al-Qaida brought international terrorism to our shores. A similar invisible network of hate and violence is simmering here, just below our own surface. Yes, even in Massachusetts. And there's very little anyone can do about it.

Jeff Hackworth is mainstream America. He is 42 years old and grew up in Framingham. He owns a $400,000 house on Cape Cod that he […]

The Boston Globe's old guard balked when an outsider was made editor. Now his “more, better, faster” approach is heating things up.

What a difference a few months make. Boston Globe editor Martin Baron — tall, bearded, bespectacled, sleeves rolled to the elbows — strides back to […]

The state's power structure is finally tuning in to Boston's new nonwhite majority. And a Haitian-American politician is turning up the volume.

It's like an episode of The Oprah Show — in Creole. Massachusetts State Representative Marie St. Fleur is zigzagging toward the podium at the front […]

Polaroid is only the latest in a long line of once-powerful Boston-area companies to slide into irrelevance. All shared the hubris to believe their technical smarts would keep the world beating a path to their doors. They were wrong. And it has cost tho

The security guard at the front desk of Polaroid's art deco headquarters on Memorial Drive greets me with the familiarity of an old friend. His […]

A few months ago, two fighter jets on Cape Cod provided the only air defense for the entire Northeast. Now their once-forgotten base is back in the thick of things. Its new mission: to intercept any planes that wander off course — and shoot them down i

The half-dozen men relaxing over white score sheets could be any group of Cape Cod vacationers playing Yahtzee. Except, that is, for the uniform-green flight […]