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January 2003 Issue



Chef Mark Allen shines at his Newton Highlands restaurant, Le Soir.

If Le Soir were in the South End, it would be packed every night. But it's in Newton Highlands. And, actually, it is packed – […]

No meal is complete without dessert wine. And it’s more refreshing than you probably think.

Ask me what’s a good meal. Go ahead. My answer: any meal with wine. What’s a great meal? One that pairs a different wine with […]


Brahmins versus nouveau riche. Jews versus anti-Semites. In this elite enclave, the social competition is brutal and money is everything. It's all about who can give the most away.

Sandra Krakoff shuffles crisp ecru cards like a blackjack dealer as she glides between banquet tables in a couture cloud of Fiandaca chiffon. But there […]

Derided while in office by a largely hostile media, the state's first woman governor now tells her side of the story.

I looked around me in the “bunker,” as the Emergency Operations Center near State Police Headquarters on Route 9 in Framingham has come to be […]

Local colleges, of all places, are increasingly stifling unpopular opinion. Has this become the political correctness capital of the world?

Harvey Silverglate sums up his take on free speech in a single sentence, spoken in the cozy clutter of his Atlantic Avenue office. “You are […]

Lawsuits, power struggles, health-code violations, fickle fans, gossip-page exposés — this is the price of being one of America's most famous chefs. Now, at the end of the hardest year of his life, here's what it's like . . .

Todd English blazes into the lobby of Las Vegas's Bellagio hotel and casino, better dressed and moving faster than anyone else at this early morning […]

Cardinal Law is finally gone. But why didn't he resign a year ago, when the scandal of a century first broke? Deep inside the Vatican's maze of hallowed halls and secret chambers lies the real reason.

The Barbarians were at the gates. It was April and the Vatican was occupied by bloodthirsty journalists who had descended in their television trucks from […]

If you can't resist the heat, then head to these kitchens. And fast. Boston's restaurants — the new, the revitalized, the interminably sexy — are getting hotter by the minute. And so are the chefs that stoke their fires.

Boston may be famous for its revolutionary legacy, financial shrewdness, boundless ingenuity, and intellectual disposition. But for most of its history, it was not known […]

Some rock 'n' rollers paint the town red. Some just paint.

The inside of Mikey Welsh's Inman Square apartment looks like a paintball battlefield. Splashes, drips, and pools of vibrant colors — fireplug reds, screaming yellows, […]

An evening with the Romney clan is an experience in old-fashioned family values. But with the new governor about to make some harsh decisions, will the warm and fuzzy feelings last?

You arrive for Saturday night supper at the home of our new governor at 6 sharp with a thirst — for a before-dinner cocktail and […]

Forget lipstick, Fendi bags, and Wonderbras. A local group of young women has elected the .22-caliber Smith & Wesson as its most powerful accessory. Is this simply more progun lunacy, or could it possibly be the next face of feminism?

Christie Caywood is feeling good. Really good. She's been at the firing range for less than five minutes, and already she's hit a bull's-eye. Brass […]

Talk to Game Plan’s Randy Vataha and Bob Caporale, the behind-the-scenes hotshots who brokered the record-setting Celtics sale.

In their business — the high-stakes business of brokering sales of professional sports franchises — Randy Vataha and Bob Caporale hear a lot of what […]