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January 2005 Issue



With the opening of Umbria, one of Italy’s most illustrious food regions has landed right in downtown Boston—and reawakened a dining destination in the process.

Umbria is an unlikely place for a very pure sort of Italian cuisine. I don’t mean the region, of course—the “green heart of Italy” that […]

Look forward to great vintages from times past, coming to Boston in 2005.

Celebrating the new year in wine terms is sort of retrospective: We look forward to tasting the past. Because all good wine must age for […]


Escape winter's cold, dark days with an easy nonstop flight to someplace where the sun is shining, the slopes are beckoning, or the most stylish restaurants, shops, and hotels are waiting.

Come this time of year, we're already tired of winter's dark, short, snowy days. Lucky for us, there are plenty of quick getaways from Logan, […]

Yes, we know this is the time of year when the food world looks into its crystal ball and divines which restaurants will rise to the top in 2005. But wouldn't you rather have a guarantee—a here-and-now recommendation—than a prediction? Wh

The Top 25 Restaurants Azure At first glance, it's a little tough to reconcile the image of Robert Fathman as the rebel chef, garbed in […]

For one high school football team, there's only one question each year: When will the losing end?

The 11 seniors on Marblehead High School's football team are kneeling among the dirty towels and discarded stereo equipment in the locker room at Blocksidge […]

Cambridge has a Hollywood homeboy, and he's not in the Brat Pack.

On a narrow road off Craigie Street, deep in the lush property values north of Harvard Square, John Malkovich has gone to ground. It's a […]

When someone who's a little different moves into a picture-postcard New England horse community, small-town secrets begin bubbling to the surface. When that person is a farm owner of short temper and ambiguous gender, all hell boils over.

Driving along Main Street in Plympton, you pass the old Colonial homes, the Village Café in the mini strip mall, the filling station at the […]

Secrecy. Misinformation. Retaliation. you might expect some rogue business to be run this way — but not one of the nation's top public radio stations.

To hear current and former WBUR employees tell the story of Jane Christo's reign as the public radio station's general manager, you'd think she was […]

They are among the best in their business. They use the latest technologies. The stakes for nailing their forecasts have never been higher. So why is it so hard for Boston's meteorologists to just tell us if it's going to snow?

Television meteorologists love snow. They love forecasting it, or trying to, even if they detest shoveling it or driving in it. This is perhaps why […]

Mahmood Karzai's Younger brother turned down a position at the family restaurant in Cambridge to remain in Afghanistan. He's now that country's president — a job apparently much more suited to his skills.

As President George W. Bush readies himself for his many inaugural balls this month, newly elected presidents elsewhere will have a tougher go of it […]

Don't be fooled: Massachusetts Democrats' success doesn't make them any more secure here than they are anywhere else.

On a gloomy evening in this season of discontent for liberal Democrats, many fine examples of the species have ventured out into the cold in […]

The sexual harassment suit against the North End's Pizzeria Regina reveals the fault lines of a changing neighborhood.

Tonight isn't the busiest night Pizzeria Regina has ever had. That would have been about two decades ago, when MIT ordered a pizza for each […]