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July 2004 Issue



Chef Daniel Bruce toasts well-matched wining and dining at Meritage.

It's nice to see a hard-working chef get what he always wanted. In the case of Meritage, at the Boston Harbor Hotel, it's also nice […]

The season’s most refreshing thing—the summer cocktail—is in bars now.

Walking down Boylston Street the other afternoon, I got to thinking about the absurdity of summer business attire. It must have been around 88 degrees, […]


Up on Beacon Hill, the Dems' great White House hope is still just Johnny from the block.

It wasn't that many years ago, while on a publicity tour in Brazil, that I was reminded of the uniqueness of my neighborhood, Louisburg Square. […]

Everything you need to know from A-Z

Anthony's Pier 4 (˘an´the-n¯ez pîr fôr) n. Restaurant. Sometimes only a classic will do. This downtown stalwart fills the bill, even if most complain that […]

Political guru Bob Shrum has more influence than anyone on what comes out of John Kerry's mouth. Even now, he's crafting the most important document of the convention: Kerry's acceptance speech. Considering Shrum's track re-cord, the R

“For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never […]

Internal bickering. Missing money. What kind of games are the state police playing?

Tom Foley's mind was on baseball. He had just slid onto a comfortable sofa on a gracious Sunday afternoon in the resort community of Clearwater, […]

When interior and landscape architects Kelly Monnahan and Keith LeBlanc built their weekend house in Truro, they decided to give classic summer living on the Cape a contemporary update. Instead of preppy floral patterns and shell motifs, these style ex

Homecoming Escaping city life is what architect Kelly Monnahan and partner Keith LeBlanc had in mind when they set out to design their breezy weekend […]

Controlling. Manipulative. Pissed off. It’s not Bobby we’re talking about — it’s the women in his life. His wife, Whitney Houston, wants him under her thumb. His mother wants him out of his marriage. His ex-girlfriend just wants what she

Bobby Brown was late, of course. He’d been ordered to show up at the Norfolk County Probate and Family Court in Canton at 8:30 a.m. […]

Archbishop Sean O'Malley was brought in to clean up the mess after the sex abuse scandal. He has, but many Catholics are looking askew at what else he's doing.

Sean Patrick O'Malley considers his followers a people in exile. Which is a funny way of looking at things when you're the Roman Catholic archbishop […]

City Life

How did one father react to his newborn child? He sued the fertility clinic.

Richard and Meredith Gladu once found the resurrection of their life’s dream in a six-story office building just off Route 9 in Brookline. A few […]

Actress and proud Massachusetts liberal Elizabeth Banks speaks out about Spider-Man, women presidents, and the Sox.

Hollywood has always walked a fine line between philosophy and fluff. It's a line actress Elizabeth Banks has memorized like so many others, jumping from […]

Life of the Party

It's the view from the back of the White House — looking down from the Truman Balcony, across the sloping lawn toward the Mall — […]

Ready or not, like it or not, the Democrats are coming to town this month, itching for the fight of their lives. For the first time in decades, politics is interesting again. In this convention package, we introduce you to all the major local players,

The Players The Mayor Asked what hosting the Democratic National Convention means to him, Tom Menino smiles and lies: “Just another week in July.” Sure […]