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July 2008 Issue

Eat. Out!

The good weather’s here, and the clock’s a-ticking: You’ve got approximately 12 short weeks to dine under the sun (or stars), and then it’s back to coat checks and crowded dining rooms. Make the most of the all-too-brief season with our enthusiast’s guide to thinking outside the boîte.


Operation Desert Porn

How a Haverhill war contractor’s wild rendezvous with a porn star at a Stoughton strip club touched off a sordid showdown in the sands of Iraq—and exposed a double standard in military justice.

Genies Are Standing By

In the booming business of making wishes come true, nobody’s better than Boston-based Circles and its army of personal concierges. Trouble is, when you promise to do the impossible, people start thinking that’s what they deserve.

The Firebrand

The more Boston turns against its scandal-plagued firefighters, the further out on a limb Ed Kelly goes to defend them. Is the bombastic union boss as nuts as he seems? Or does he know a few things the rest of us don’t?

The Shocking Truth

At the Judge Rotenberg Center, students who misbehave receive electric shocks powerful enough to sear their skin. What’s even more unbelievable is how the moms and dads of the kids there feel about the Canton school.


Greener Than Thou

Bostonians may think they’re being incredibly forward-looking as they preach the gospel of going green to anyone who’ll listen. But in reality, these eco-Puritans are looking back. Way, way back.

City Journal

The Gonz Show: Donna Summer

Back in town with her first album of new songs in 17 years, Boston’s disco diva shares her Weltanschauung with John Gonzalez.



Hits and Myths

Much like its namesake, Fort Point’s Persephone brings new life to a once barren landscape. But an uneven menu and frenzied vibe threaten to abbreviate its season in the sun.