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July 2011 Issue

Seafood Spectacular!

This time of year, Boston is brimming with superlative seafood. Consider this your cheat sheet to the freshest bites in town.


America’s Most Wanted

How Chris Evans went from being a Sudbury high schooler to Captain America.

The Fisher King

Meet Legal Sea Foods CEO, Roger Berkowitz, the most powerful man in shellfish.

The Joy Lock Club

Schuyler Towne can pick a lock faster than just about anyone. Now he’s planning to break into the big time.


Party of Asses

With Scott Brown’s reelection campaign gathering momentum, Democrats around here are stuck in a haze of nostalgia and complacency.

Boston Scientific and the Road to Ruin

How greed, incompetence, and arrogance brought the world’s leading medical device company to its knees.



Dining Out: Tico

Michael Schlow presents a medley of Spanish and Latin-American cuisines in the Back Bay—and hits plenty of high notes.


Small Bite at Meadhall

Meadhall may be in the Kendall Square spotlight, but we’re not sure if it’s really because of the food. Or the beer.


First Bite at Savin Bar and Kitchen

At this new Dorchester hangout, locals come for the atmosphere and stay for the food.

Table Talk

Juicy tidbits and prime cuts of gossip about our local dining scene.

Give the Pig a Break

Pork is the other white meat — but there are animals beyond the pig, and it’s high time we ate them too.

Taste of the Sea

Move over, multivitamins: there’s a new health food in town, and this one’s much tastier.

Fashion + Style

Ask the Fashionologist

Lisa Pierpont offers solutions for all of your latest style dilemmas.

Little Wonders

Get out of the saccharine rut your kids are wearing and start dressing them like the miniature adults they are.

Cool Your Heels

Forget toenail polish; this season’s sandals are in fire engine red, eye-popping yellow, and they are hot.

A Shining Moment

There is something to be said for demure beachwear — but we’re definitely not saying it now.

Arts + Entertainment

A Real Prince

Hey, Kevin James, do us a favor: please make your schlock somewhere else.

Hubbub: Maura Tierney

Maura Tierney talks ER, Denis Leary and the (dubious) architectural merits of Boston City Hall.


Hard-Pressed at BU

BU’s journalism department rocks. So… why is the school’s student paper tanking?

A Likeness to Fit the Bill

Bill Russell’s finally getting the damn statue. But what should it look like?

Person of Interest: Jason Evanish

The man at the center of Boston’s young tech scene is just as skilled at finding a good workshop as a good beer.

Gearing Up

Menino’s fleet of six hundred shiny, silver bikes is set to descend on Boston this month.