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July 2012 Issue


Burger Bonanza

Over the past few years, Boston has witnessed an explosion of great new spots dedicated to that king of casual eats, the hamburger. From laid-back joints that keep it simple — juicy patties on a good bun — to upscale eateries that serve up fancified takes on the humble classic, this city has gone wild for burgers.


Almost a Psychopath

We all have those people in our lives who aren’t quite right in the head. Two local experts have published a book that analyzes their behavior, and what makes these sort-of-psychos tick.

The Audition

Mike Tetreault has spent an entire year preparing obsessively for this moment. A flawless performance and he could join one of the world’s most renowned orchestras.

The Thing Is, I’m Undocumented

A story about young undocumented immigrants and how one law could change their lives forever.


Charity’s Foot Soldiers

Modern fundraising techniques have turned us into a nation of beggars — and we’re better for it.

Park the Keg in Harvard Yard

Fraternities and sororities have descended on Harvard. Is the school ready?

Fashion + Style

Home & Property

Living Large

294 Newbury Street


The Rise of the Seaport

As yet another wave of high-profile development kicks off, we highlight the 10 game-changing moments for the hottest neighborhood in town.


City Life

Mazel Tov!

Our combustible, trailblazing congressman is about to get hitched.

City Life

Person of Interest: Ryan Landry

The actor and playwright wants to keep P-town freaky.

City Life

Feeling the Heat

For these folks, getting ready for work means suiting up and sweating it out.

City Life

The Champion Factory

Mihai Brestyan molds coddled kids into world-class gymnasts.

Arts + Entertainment

City Life

Comics Relief

How this local artist became a big-deal cartoonist.

Hubbub: Keith Lockhart

After 17 seasons conducting the Boston Pops, Keith Lockhart is as much a part of the Fourth of July around here as Sam or John Adams. (Okay, not quite, but it seems that way!) This year’s Hatch Shell spectacular features star singer Jennifer Hudson and, thankfully, no country music.



Dining Out at Moksa

Variety is the spice of life, except when it makes for an inconsistent dining experience.


Small Bite at Tonic

Tonic aims to bring a touch of class to Forest Hills, but badly needs front-of-the-house help.


First Bite at Nix’s Mate

This revamped hotel restaurant aims high, but misses the mark.

Somerville’s Feeding Frenzy

The ‘Ville has become the place for food lovers, with a slew of exciting new eateries that have raised the bar for Boston’s dining scene. So what’s behind this rapid influx of restaurants? A perfect storm of factors.

Bucking the Trend at City Landing

Do not expect the usual lineup at this new waterfront restaurant.

Variations on a Theme: Lemonade

Lemonade, Five Ways.


The Perfect Pastry

Paris comes to America with these delicious, flaky treats at Flour.

City Style

Above the Fold

This South End furniture designer seamlessly incorporates pleated fabrics into her designs.

It’s All in the Wrist

Mix texture and color for a covetable summer stack.

A Cut Above

He’s ambitious. He’s in high demand. He wants to dress your boyfriend.

What About Bob?

Giving cropped hair a spin — sans commitment.