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June 2004 Issue



With an upscale Mediterranean menu, Arbor takes root in Jamaica Plain.

Arbor has been received rapturously, partly because it opened a new frontier to downtown-worthy dining in Jamaica Plain, where diners have been waiting for a […]

Isn’t it time that wines at weddings became worthy of the occasion?

It’s wedding season, and I’m on a mission. No, not to find a bride (one is enough, thank you), but to challenge every couple I […]


Whether on his PBS cooking show or in his magazine, Cook's Illustrated, Christopher Kimball has perfected the art of getting food exactly right. But when relaxing with his family at their Vermont farmhouse, he entertains friends in laid-back summer s

“I call this 'fruit pie for idiots'” says Christopher Kimball, patting and rolling out a ball of pie-crust dough. In his rumpled twill shirt, he […]

Depending on who you believe, a new bioterror laboratory planned by Boston University will be a boon to the city — or a catastrophe beyond imagining.

Anthrax. The word itself lodges in the mouth like a sore — the nasal first syllable, the scrape of the tongue along the front teeth, […]

This is a selective list of traditional summer camps based on interviews with campers, parents, staff, directors, and others who have personal knowledge of camp […]

How the scramble for his Senate seat will play out back home if John F. Kerry wins the White House.

BOSTON, March 10, 2005 — The Democratic race for the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by the election of President John F. Kerry erupted in […]

This summer, while the Dems are in town bashing Dubya, get away from it all to the peace of New England's last quiet places.

Sure, we were excited when our boy from Beacon Hill won his first surprising victory in the Iowa caucuses so many months ago. But now […]

Why do the memories of our childhoods at summer camp have such a hold on us? One man goes back to find out.

Plus: The best camps for your kids.

It's just before 10 a.m., and four teenagers are jamming out their second Led Zeppelin tune of the day. On drums, Needham's own Alex Freedman […]

City Life

They traded everything they had to be together. Was it worth turning their worlds upside down? Jack and Suzy Welch talk about that crazy little thing called love.

Three days before her wedding to Jack Welch, Suzy Wetlaufer sits at her favorite table at Via Matta, the trendy Italian restaurant, smiling flirtatiously at […]