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June 2010 Issue

Cape Cod Guide 2010

To help you plan the perfect getaway, we’ve culled the finest lodging, dining, and fun this area has to offer. So take a deep breath and read on: You’re almost there.


Top of Mind: Myrtle the Turtle

Chelonia mydas, omnivore, endurance swimmer, aquarium diva, 70ish, Boston

City Life

Who Failed Phoebe Prince?

High school was hell for Phoebe Prince. But it didn’t have to be deadly.

A Band of Brooders

After everything Aerosmith has been through in the past year the question isn’t why they would finally break up, it’s what the hell has kept it together for so long.


Ahead of the Beat

As Patrick Lyons prepares to open the doors to two new Back Bay restaurants, the social mogul reflects on the evolution of the city’s dining and nightlife scene.

The Nice Queen

Amid furor over branch closures, the Boston Public Library’s president is imposing her vision for the future—and, just maybe, a new model for how to get things done in this town.

Fashion + Style

2010 Summer Fashion

From the little white dress to luxe summer leather, our must-have looks will keep you looking cool as the weather heats up.

Register: Louis

An haute department store gets an all-American overhaul.

Real Estate: Modern History

A rare opportunity awaits at Six Moon Hill.


Snapshot: Boston’s Royal Wedding

Leave it to Boston’s “Rascal King,” James Michael Curley, to throw the closest thing to a royal wedding this city has ever seen.


First Bite: Aka Bistro

Formerly a dining dead zone, Lincoln gets two sparkling new restaurants in one.


Dining Out: Evoo

The location may have changed, but chef Peter McCarthy’s cuisine still keeps diners on their toes.

First Bite: Stoddard’s

A long-anticipated downtown tavern delivers on its promise of good food — and even better drinks.

Tastemaking: The Chef Swap

Why local pros are showing up in their buddies’ kitchens.

The Ultimate: Cuban Sandwich

Havana may be nearly 1,500 miles away, but the Hub has some very serious Cuban sandwiches of its own.