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March 2002 Issue



At her new Ladder District restaurant, Michela Larson once again discovers a bright new talent—chef Dante deMagistris.

More years ago than anyone present cares to remember, I was a guest at Michela Larson's house when a fresh Culinary Institute of America graduate […]

How to understand what all those wine geeks are yapping about.

“This,” said the sommelier as he presented me with a bottle of Ca’Viola “Barturot” Dolcetto D’Alba, “has a most excellent nose.” We nodded at each […]


Why Harvard's new president and Cornel West couldn't just get along.

Harvard president Lawrence Summers's first semester in charge was barely under way last September when Artemis Records released Cornel West's CD Sketches of My Culture. […]

>Boston is an Irish town, so it makes sense that thousands of illegal Irish immigrants have settled here. They knew a system run by their own would protect them. Not anymore.

A fistfight erupted inside Scruffy Murphy’s in Dorchester right before Christmas. Witnesses say the drunken brawl was over a girl, and that it began when […]

A man has been charged with one woman's murder. police are investigating whether he's tied to other grisly killings. Was there a serial killer among us?

To the petite prostitute trolling the streets of the Combat Zone, Eugene McCollom must have looked harmless. His face could have blended into the Fenway […]

Two Boston hospitals are battling over bragging rights to a new treatment for blindness. What they’re really after is the money.

If you begin to go blind one day, this is how it will likely happen: Abnormal blood vessels will start to grow beneath your retina. […]

How suburban voters might bring Jane Swift back from the dead.

Acting Governor Jane Swift has barely finished serving up her first State of the State address when the 2002 race for governor breaks out into […]

Nobody likes to feel cramped in their own home. From a small house with big ambitions to a big house with challenging dimensions, the stories that follow prove it's always possible to do more with less.

A Lofty Marriage A couple's modern South End apartment is big enough to be an art studio, home, and place where two different personalities converge. […]

New York shock jocks, the same damn songs played over and over, media megamonsters — who took the “Boston” out of Boston radio?

A swirling hip-hop groove slams from the big square speakers in WJMN 94.5's studio as DJ Gee Spin gets ready for the segue from Nas's […]

They gave him a parking ticket and thought he would go away quietly. They were wrong.

Ever since settling in Cambridge, I've grown to love my Saturday morning routine. My Saturday morning routine entails hopping into the Jeep, slipping into the […]