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March 2020 Issue

Home & Property

Top Places to Live 2020

Want to know what’s going to happen in the region’s most outrageous home market? We asked local property experts to peer into the future and offer a dozen compelling predictions.


City Life

Cape Fear

Yarmouth’s top cop Frank Frederickson gained wide renown for his leadership in the wake of the slaying of one of his officers. But almost no one knows the story of the woman whose bravery helped him catch a serial rapist—and set him on a path to greatness.

City Life

King of the Hill

After generations of iron-fisted leadership on Beacon Hill, the winds of change are beginning to blow. Just don’t tell that to House Speaker Robert DeLeo.


Bloom Town

Wear this season’s unapologetically cheerful styles for an al fresco dinner in the South End or a casual business meeting, and watch your style blossom.


City Life

Have Kids…Or Save the Planet?

When did climate catastrophe change the calculus on having children?

City Life

The Interview: Bill Weld

The former Massachusetts governor turned Republican presidential candidate on how he plans to beat Trump.

Home Design

Home & Property

Spaces: Name That Tune

A couple fill an unused study in their new Boston-area home with music and southern charm.

Home & Property

Spaces: Zen Zone

Two empty nesters transform their basement into the ultimate spa retreat.

Home & Property

Either-Or: A Dedham Palazzo vs. Lofty Downtown Digs

It’s amazing what a few miles will do to the market.

Home & Property

Covet: Let There Be Light

Hey, math lovers! Designer Øivind Slaatto used the Fibonacci Sequence to craft this intricate light.


Arts & Entertainment

Lost…and Found?

It’s been 30 years this month since the unsolved Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist first rocked the city and the art world.

City Life

In Defense of Mud Season

Everyone loves to whine about March, but the truth is, we’d be nothing without it.

City Life

Influencer: Varshini Prakash

This climate activist is trying to save Boston from Mother Nature—and is mobilizing legions of young voters to do it.

City Life

Is Our Innovation Economy Doomed?

Boston’s booming tech sector depends on a dwindling number of highly skilled foreign-worker visas. Is it time to start panicking?

Fashion + Style

Life & Style

Try This!

Browsing the aisles is just the beginning at these local stores, where hands-on experiences take retail to the next level.


Object of Desire: Social Butterfly

These bejeweled clutches are beloved by A-list celebs and first ladies alike.


The Lust Lineup: Divide and Conquer

Outfits that are half one color and half another make for one solid trend this spring.


Impulse Buy: What a Stud

Spring in Boston may be fleeting, but this season’s bright, bold earrings make a lasting impression.


Boston Traveler: Washington, DC

Forget politics—from live music to cherry blossoms, the capital is at its peak this month.


City Life

It’s Reigning Queens

Sashay your way to a glittery good time this spring: The business of drag is booming in Boston.


City Life

How Did the PawSox End up in Pawtucket, RI, Anyway?

As the Red Sox prepare to move their top minor-league team from Pawtucket to Worcester, dive into the history behind Rhode Island’s McCoy Stadium.



Dining Out: Orfano

A powerhouse Fenway chef rolls out a cunning (re)vision of red-sauce Italian for the Roaring 2020s.



Rocking the Boat

Why indoor rowing is poised to overtake cycling as Boston’s biggest boutique fitness craze.