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May 2002 Issue



When Lydia Shire took control of Locke-Ober, critics feared the 125-year-old restaurant would lose its charm. Turns out a woman's touch is just what the old place needed.

Locke-Ober 3 Winter Place, Boston 617-542-1340 Locke-Ober is Lydia Shire's red velvet-trimmed tribute to the place where she was born and made her national reputation. […]

Long relegated to the dusty back shelf, tequila is taking its rightful place among premium spirits.

Though my first job out of college was supposed to be writing this column (well, at least according to my parents), I instead took a […]


Why so many Massachusetts pols suddenly covet the on-deck circle.

When members of the Democratic State Committee gather during an election year for one of their duller-than-dirt meetings, party chairman Phil Johnston customarily acknowledges any […]

Baffled by what caused that 30-mile backup on the way to work this morning? There's a whole science to traffic — and to why we have so damned much of it in this town.

You name your mess, and Bruce MacLeod has seen it. He's spent 23 years flying this circuit, hovering above the crystalline blue swimming pools of […]

Two years ago, if you weren't a millionaire, or a billionaire even, you were nobody. But money is only a number on a computer screen, and as easily as it's made, it's lost. Now, near the end of the recession and in the middle of a war, th

Normally, this annual list is devoted to the wealthy and the elite. But these are not normal times. The recession and the war on terrorism […]

Robert Woodruff has put nudity in The Duchess of Malfi, fellatio in Phaedra, and Richard II in a dress. what's the new artistic director of the a.r.t. got up his sleeve next?

Thomas Derrah, playing the title character in Shakespeare's Richard II, walked onstage near the start of each performance in an enormous, hooped Elizabethan dress and […]

Every Memorial Day, the veterans of one U.S. division tried to forget what they saw at the end of World War II. Now they want us to know.

They called him Tex, of course, the happy-go-lucky kid from Texas who drove a truck in the 120th Evac. American soldiers in World War II […]

The most famous gardens in Boston are public. But the most beautiful may be hidden right next door.

Mention gardens in Boston and you're likely to get a wistful description of hidden courtyards on Beacon Hill: brick spaces filled with ivy, shrubs, and […]

Who needs to shape up for spring when you can get star treatment at the Sports Club/LA?

On a recent trip to Los Angeles, I had one of those mind-expanding epiphanies: I've got to spend more time in the gym. It's true […]