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May 2007 Issue


Soldiers who say they no longer believe in armed combat come to Louis Font for help getting out of it. That hasn’t made the Brookline lawyer very popular with Army brass. But his own experience in uniform has convinced him that changing the way the

The War Within

With women way past liberated and our collective libido in hyperdrive, it’s a glorious time to be a guy. For the desperate ones not getting any, though, the shame has never stung worse. Fortunately for them, seduction guru Vin DiCarlo has the solut

A Portrait of the Pickup Artist as a Young Man

A certified desk potato—and self-professed motivational vacuum—pounds both pavement and punching bags in search of Boston’s most excuse-proof fitness programs. What she discovers will hearten all those who dread, don’t understand,

7 Perfect Workouts for the Perfectly Workout-Averse

Avi Kremer doesn’t want your pity. He wants your money. And when patients like him sponsor their own search for a cure, it raises an uncomfortable question: Do some diseases simply deserve more research dollars than others?

The Priorities of an Impatient Patient

An amateur’s guide to scoring at Brimfield.

Field Notes

Gonz Show Extended: Akrobatik

When I first called your phone, it went straight to voicemail. Which made me laugh, cause your voicemail message is nothing but the A-Team theme […]

Stock up on clothes with a little history—from Chanel suits to cowboy boots—at our favorite vintage shopping spots.

Bobby from Boston This museumlike SoWa shop showcases truckloads of old-school gentlemen’s (and some women’s) apparel and gear with a dandy staff and a Sgt. […]

Poised for monumental change, our provincial town is looking beyond its borders for new ways to do things. Too bad it keeps ripping off all the wrong ideas.

Copycat City, USA

Letters: May 2007

Letters: May 2007

Celebrity-obsessed kids (and it’s not just the girls) are taking prom mania to new heights with red carpet arrivals, $2,000 getups, and Diddy-style after-parties. And their guilt-ridden parents are going along with it.

Lights, Camera…Prom!

How Boston bluefin tuna became one of the world’s most obsessively coveted and extravagantly expensive foods—and why, decades later, you can finally eat it here.

The One That Almost Got Away

Local fitness experts share tips on making the most of your workout regimen.

Bodies of Knowledge

Five more unconventional ways to feel the burn.

Exercising Your Options

Music to sweat by, courtesy of three area athletes.

Amped Up