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May 2011 Issue

Love the Kennedys and Nobody Gets Hurt

America’s most famous family will do whatever is necessary to shut down media portrayals it objects to. Just look at what happened to my book.



The Big Deals

In search of the ultimate dining bargains — from high- to lowbrow, and everything in between.

Brain Storm

He’s the most brilliant thinker you’ve never heard of — and he’s found a way around fossil fuels.

Dear Todd English: It’s Not Us. It’s You.

Todd English: The breakup letter


Dead Air

Why should taxpayers be asked to fund a union-busting, freeloading corporate behemoth…like WGBH?

Last Dance

Before the wrecking ball swings: one last look at Faces, the iconic nightlub where the party seemed to last forever.



Small Bite: Saus

An entire restaurant devoted to Belgian-style frites and waffles? S’il vous plaît!

First Bite: 94 Mass Ave

94 Mass Ave overcomes its location’s troubled past.


Tastemaking: La Comida Loca

A wave of Latin-inspired restaurants are up and running in the Hub. But not all get the spice just right.

Table Talk

A Nantucket newcomer, Latin spices and other food news heating up the city’s dining scene.

Fresh Idea: Nice Stems

Where to find the fungi you could fall in love with.


Dining Out: Bondir

Jason Bond nails it at his new Cambridge dining niche, Bondir.

Arts + Entertainment

Hubbub: Brad Falchuck

Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk talks song, dance, fans and high school.

Shaking It Up — Again

The Cars’ comeback album turns out to be just what we needed.

Fashion + Style

The Consumer Index

Dog beds more stylish than your latest shoe buy, and other things we love this month.

Sea and Be Scene

Nantucket goes from prep to glam.

Coiffure and Tea

The Parlor salon delivers a dash of big-city style to Wellesley.

Ask the Fashionologist

Answers to life, the universe and everything fashionable.

Restoration Hardware

Forget tradition: Adamas Fine Jewelry will deconstruct and rebuild your old jewelry into something brilliant.


Immodest Proposal: Frozen Assets

Why the outrage over frozen food lunches served to our kids? We should be pumping ’em full of the stuff!

Boston’s French Accent

Sure, we’re in New England — but a surprising number of our greatest figures were inspired by the French.

Person of Interest: Charles Czeisler

Meet the Boston doc — no, not Rivers — responsible for keeping the Celtics perked up in the playoffs.

Cap and Groan

Just in time for graduation: our formula for a less-awful commencement speech.