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November 2001 Issue


The man who transformed Boston's local television news into a crude, tabloid frenzy is the antithesis of his wildly successful creation.

Ed Ansin makes for a great villain. The Massachusetts native who came home to buy WHDH-TV, Channel 7, is filthy rich. He helped create the […]

In 1968 John MacNeil was convicted of an execution-style killing and sentenced to life in prison. Incredibly, he slipped through the parole system over and over before being killed in a 1995 shootout with police. Now the cop wounded by MacNeil's bull

Tom Campbell poured himself a cup of coffee and gazed out the window of his cramped Beacon Hill apartment onto a sticky summer morning. It […]

Fred O'Regan is on a mission to save whales, protect elephants, stop seal hunts, and even relocate polar bears. Just don't call him an animal rights activist.

The Rare Bird glides out of its slip into the canal toward Cape Cod Bay. As she escapes into the open water, the ocean's perfume, […]

But you already knew that, didn't you? Hard work ceases being a good thing when it takes over everything else in our lives. Here are some reasons that's been happening. And a few thoughts on what we can do about it.

Blame the Puritans. You remember those dour, austere folks, don't you, from your high school history and Hawthorne? The white European settlers who, during the […]

Can big bucks and big names really gentrify the former Combat Zone? It doesn't matter: The Ladder District's current clash of high and low culture carries its own enviable status.

“Is there ever going to be a sign up there?” The man posing the question points to a thick, vaguely tortured metal coil above the […]

Chris Ohiri arrived at Harvard in 1960 holding all the promise of NigeriaÕs new independence. Six years later, as his country descended into tyranny, he was struck down.

On a summer afternoon in the mid 1960s, New York City's Port Authority buzzed with the usual swirl of commuters and tourists, pickpockets, students, and […]

In the smoke-filled backrooms of Boston politics, acerbic consultant Ed Jesser is the man behind the men.

Inside Doyle’s Cafe, the venerable Jamaica Plain pub once described by the New York Times as “a century-old citadel of Irish politics,” there is an […]