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November 2007 Issue

Hollywood Invasion

You’ve heard all the hype. You’ve ogled the paparazzi photos. (Yes: Paparazzi! In Boston!) Now here are 10 things you really need to know about Massachusetts’ overnight transformation from show-biz laughingstock to movie magnet—including how you can get in on the fun.


The Mass Ave. Project

Its 16 miles of blacktop run from gritty industrial zones to verdant suburbia, passing blocks of gentrified brownstones, college campuses, and bustling commercial strips. And as photographer Jared Leeds discovered when he set out a year ago to take portraits along its length, when you look at the people who live and work on this one street, you get a pretty good picture of the Hub itself.

Top Docs 2007: The Specialists

An index of 76 medical specialties and subspecialties and physicians in the Boston area.

Mel Robbins Is Not the Bashful Type

The Sherborn mom turned advice guru has a hot husband, a beautiful house, a deep-pocketed clientele, and a very healthy opinion of her bad, bad self. Who could blame her for wanting to teach every woman in America how to have a life as perfect as hers?

After The Gloves Came Off

Flamboyant manager Norm Stone and sullen world champ John Ruiz turned winning ugly into an art form, then wound up fighting with each other. The ballad of one of the most potent and colorful partnerships—and epic breakups—in Boston sports.


You’ll Sink Our Battleship!

Ex-commanders of the USS Constitution are pushing a plan to let the fabled ship sail to other cities. Fellow officers who oppose the scheme say there’s just one problem: Old Ironsides might not survive the trip.

The South End Is So Over

Overrun with velvet ropes, $8 tomatoes, and a Washington-Street-by-way-of-Route-9 crowd, the South End has some once proud residents wondering just what the hell happened to the former hippest neighborhood in town.

Maximum Mike Goes to Washington

Look out, DC! After six years at the helm of the Massachusetts U.S. Attorney’s Office, Michael Sullivan is taking his show on the road, and leaving behind a mess.



Dining Out: Star Search

T. W. Food aims to deliver Michelin-worthy fare with rigorously local flavor. When it succeeds, the creativity inspires. When it doesn’t, the food gets lost in the flourishes.