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November 2008 Issue

The Food Fanatic’s Shopping Guide

Just in time for the holidays, our naturally raised, locally sourced, house-smoked primer on the Hub’s finest sustenance.

Just in time for the holidays, our naturally raised, locally sourced, house-smoked primer on the Hub’s finest sustenance.

Whether you’re the type who thinks Butterball’s a breed of turkey or a fussy foodie who gladly pays top dollar (even when Shaw’s has it […]


Making Pictures

Boston photographer John Goodman has earned a national reputation with his striking, revelatory portraits. In this portfolio of highlights spanning more than 30 years, he provides a rare glimpse into what the photographs don’t show.

Kevin Garnett, By the Numbers

And algorithms. And weighted averages. And regression analysis. And assorted new-age basketball stats that prove why the man who restored Celtic pride is also the most valuable player on the planet.

A Most Proper Con

For decades, the man who called himself Clark Rockefeller searched for a place where he could lead the life he always felt he deserved. The exclusive story of how he finally found it—at least for a few idyllic months—right here on Beacon Hill.

Growing Up Gloucester

What a teen pregnancy scandal looks like when some of the pregnant girls are your best friends.


Q to the Rescue!

Bostonians know the Quabbin Reservoir as the source of their city’s water supply. Thanks to a tenacious UMass researcher and a zealous entrepreneur, the world may soon know it as the home of a microbe that could fuel a clean-energy revolution.

No-Sin Zone

If you can smoke it, swill it, or ogle it, chances are it’s a target of Tom Menino’s overreaching, sometimes downright hysterical anti-vice crusade. Here’s to enjoying the unwholesome fun while it lasts.

Melee at the Manor

A son of the Clair auto empire dies after a fistfight in his new mansion. Was it murder? Or a freak accident? The people of Dover didn’t take long to reach their verdict.


Wild Irish Ride

Hyde Park newcomer Townsend’s embarks on a global culinary journey by way of Ireland, but the best dishes stick closer to home.

City Journal

The Schwartz Factor: John Hodgman

The PC guy from those Mac commercials instructs Jason Schwartz in the fine art of preparing and serving canard.

Prescient to a T

James Michael Curley had the T all figured out decades ago. Here’s why we should have listened.