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November 2009 Issue

Edward M. Kennedy: A Senator’s Life

Boston magazine looks back at the man who transcended his family—and his all-too-human failings—to become a legend.

The Best Kennedy: Ted Kennedy

How the tragedies of Teddy’s life made him into one of America’s greatest senators.


Bitter Pills

Harvard Medical School is under fire from critics for its ties to Big Pharma. While the school tries to sort it all out, two professors battle for its soul.

Would You Let This Kid Save Your Town?

Brendan Ciecko made his name—and a boatload of money—as the music industry’s go-to website designer. Now that he’s finally old enough to buy beer, he’s decided to take on a slightly less sexy project: remaking his hardscrabble hometown.

The Return of the Nightlife King

Once upon a time, Seth Greenberg reigned over a glittery club scene that upended the bar-hopping habits of stodgy old Boston. Now the prodigal impresario has returned. Can he bring that magic back?



Dining Out: Rowes Wharf Sea Grille

The Boston Harbor Hotel’s new restaurant has all the makings of a classic tourist trap—but chef Daniel Bruce ensures it has exquisite bait.