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November 2010 Issue

50 Best Restaurants 2010

You can’t dine out four times a week without developing an opinion or two. And when it comes to local restaurant recommendations, guidebooks and concierges have nothing on our well-fed staff. High-end or casual, veteran or upstart, these 50 kitchens have earned a spot on our shortlist of great eats.


Arts & Entertainment

The Making of a Masterpiece

Over the past decade, the Museum of Fine Arts has raised more than $500 million as part of an ambitious plan to reinvent itself. This month, the public finally gets to see what a half-billion dollars gets you these days.

Arrested Development

Thirty years ago, Don Chiofaro built Boston’s largest office complex. These days he likes doing hot yoga, communing with whales, and laying the groundwork for constructing the city’s next iconic skyscraper. So why does the mayor have such a problem with that?

Raw Ambition

Skip Bennett made his Duxbury oysters the must-have ingredient for the nation’s top chefs. As a new Kenmore Square restaurant proves, that was just his first course.


In Defense of Martha

Massachusetts’ problem with women candidates. 

Headed for Trouble

BU scientists are renowned for their research on NFL veterans’ concussions. Now their studies are raising questions about the dangers of high school football. 

Arts + Entertainment

Hubbub: Dennis Lehane

In novels like Gone Baby Gone, Mystic River, and Shutter Island, Dennis Lehane tapped into the city’s gritty side.



First Bite: Alma Nove

Hingham’s newest kid on the block brings inspired – if inconsistent – Italian to the South Shore.

Arts & Entertainment

Champions of Breakfast

Boston’s early risers have never had better dining options. Behold, your new rules for sleuthing out the cream of the Cream of Wheat.

The Ultimate: Sweet Potato Fries

The kitchen at Bukowski Tavern delivers the most snackable spuds.


Dining Out: Troquet

Rediscovering a wine lover’s haven — and a culinary talent — in the Theater District.

Fashion + Style

Little Handbag, Big World

Fall fashion may be all about tiny retro handbags, but can a modern woman really survive without all her stuff?

Matching Assets

In fashion design, marquee collaborations are a dime a dozen — except in Boston. Now there’s one to be reckoned with.

Take a Bough

The handmade jewelry of local designers (and twins) feeds your outdoorsy impulses.


The Coast Is Clear

What’s missing from post-summer Provincetown? Crowded sidewalks, oppressive heat, and touristy “celebrations.”


The Trouble With Barney

Kiddie shows may seem sweet, but they can leave some families awfully unsatisfied.

Latin’s Crossing Guard

On the trail of Boston Latin’s residency fraud investigator.

Person of Interest: Elizabeth Warren

She’s always said America needed a consumer protection agency. Now she runs it.