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October 2001 Issue



Mantra hypnotizes with a unique blend of French an Indian food in the newly trendy Ladder District.

As soon as I saw the long, oval white plate holding a latke-like disk surrounded by little rods of multicolored salads, I knew I was […]


The Ultimate Guide to Home Improvement Resources

Audio/Visual Construction Design Electric Fireplaces Flooring/Tile Furniture Home Accents Kitchen/Bath Landscape Lighting Miscellaneous Pools Real Estate Rugs and Carpets Security Textiles Windows AUDIO/VISUAL Audio Video […]

A native son’s look back at jazz in Boston at midcentury.

It was on Washington Street, walking by Krey’s music store at age 11, that I was first drawn to what has become a lifetime immersion […]

WGBH-FM's “Eric in the Evening” on the comeback of jazz in Boston.

Boston's jazz scene has seen a lot of changes since I set foot here for the first time as an 18-year-old freshman at Boston University […]

At MIT, Lori Berenson began a course in social justice that landed her in a Peruvian terrorist prison. Six years and two trials later, she still claims she's innocent.

Lori Berenson is showing off her handicrafts — note cards whose colorful designs are glued with small pieces of thread. As she flips through the […]

For Peggy Davis-Mullen, the toughest part of running for mayor is finding an audience.

You’re gonna get a real accurate sense of where you stand in the world when you stand out at a T stop for the morning,” […]

Winemaking here is not about money. It’s about creating spectacular wines and saving the land that could very easily be overrun by cookie-cutter vacation homes and strip malls.

It’s barely 10 o’clock in the morning, and we’ve just polished off our third glass of sparkling wine. The taste is crisp and luscious, the […]

Small-time professional wrestling in Massachusetts is more than just lowbrow entertainment. It's right up there with the soaps.

Arch Kincaid is center stage. On a warm night at the Knights of Columbus hall in Lawrence, he and his “sister,” the sexy April Kincaid, […]

Celtics Coach Jim O'Brien's three-year contract means he'll have the chance to prove last year's interim success was no fluke. And that daughter Caitlyn can graduate with her classmates.

Celtics forward Antoine Walker clasped his arm tightly around his mother's waist, guiding her through another spasm of grief. As he sat in the front […]