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October 2003 Issue


Almost forty Massachusetts teachers have lost their licenses in the last eight years, most for sexual misconduct. Fifty more are under investigation. Even more scary — the state has no way of knowing if a teacher molested children someplace else. Why not

His e-mails read like the sappy drivel of a lovesick newlywed separated from his bride for the first time. “Happy five months my love,” says […]

It's been 10 years since the state's Education Reform Act was passed, and schoolchildren here are testing, reading, and writing better than ever. But as schools face massive budget cuts this year, forcing students into overcrowded classrooms an

If Train No. 1 brings $2 billion to schools around the state to help them hire more teachers, shrink class sizes, and expand curricula, and […]

The Bay Tower, once Boston's hottest restaurant, is now a tired throwback that's been bleeding cash for years. How this happened is a tale of drugs, lies, a fast-talking chef, and the aging millionaire who trusted him.

The graying couple in matching black suits and expensive shoes who step up to the hostess podium at the Bay Tower restaurant are here to […]

One couple's tastes — contemporary and classical — merge in a sophisticated Vermont weekend home.

It's often said that one of the best things about Boston is how easy it is to get out of. Usually, that's intended as an […]

When it comes to adding chic sophistication to small-scale spaces, the scope of your imagination matters more than the dimensions of your dwelling.

How do you convert a tiny 600-square- foot South End condominium into an airy pied-à-terre? First, you hire a very good interior designer. Then, you […]

The subtle whiff of linseed oil in the air signals the unofficial start of antiques season.

While you were collecting sea-shells at the beach this summer, antiques dealers were busy hunting for treasure of a different ilk. Some scoured dusty barns […]

And all it cost him, apparently, was his brother.

John Fish wants the job as badly as any other builder. Wants it more, actually, not because his construction company, Suffolk, needs it — — […]

Amid all of the controversy about charter schools, one thing gets lost: A lot of them are working.

When you're standing face to face with a herd of wild buffalo, there are a few things you don't want to hear. Like, for example, […]

Novelist Andre Dubus III and his brother, Jeb, shared a life of pain in the shadow of their writer father. Now they realize how much it joined them together, no matter how far they were pulled apart.

You can hear it in their voices, the difference between the brothers. Andre Dubus III's voice is deep and booming and declamatory, the voice of […]

The students are back, and they're everywhere. How do you tell them apart? Here's a cheat sheet from an expert.

Inevitably, when I attend a certain kind of party — namely, the kind at which the tequila luge is not a central activity — I […]


Far too many modern-day cocktails are sorely lacking in one thing: good, old-fashioned bitters, and the balance they bring.

During a recent round of research (a.k.a. barhopping), I was pretty disappointed by the state of cocktails in our fair city. While attempting to sip […]