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October 2005 Issue


What happened to sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll? On tour with one of boston's hot young bands

There's a particular smell that comes from a rock band at 4 in the morning—the smell of too many guys crowded into a small space […]

Renovations needn't be a hassle. One Newton homeowner proves it's possible to keep things easy and stylish.

A towering 12 -foot door of solid walnut marks the entrance to Lilli Gordon's home, a reconstructed ranch on a quiet, gas-lit street in Newton. […]

From pig racing and giant pumpkins to the high-octane rush of NASCAR, New England is home to a secret subculture of southern-inspired fun. And now you, too, can barbecue, line dance, and hunt your way through the backwoods of the Northeast. Loosen your co

Game Time Patrick Porter has been a hunter for more than three decades. But don't call him a redneck. I've been hunting pheasant since I […]

Or shimmy, thrash, or tap your cowboy boots. Here are 15 bands and musicians who define the past, present, and future of the Boston sound.

A lot of water has flowed under the Mass. Ave. Bridge since the Standells cranked out their immortal three-chord ditty. Lovely, raunchy water, infected with […]

Weight-loss surgery has become a gold rush for Boston hospitals and doctors. Thousands of people undergo the procedure here. Is it safe? They don't care. For them, anything is better than being so fat.

At first glance, the scene looks like a 30th high school reunion—balding men in golf shirts mixing with middle-aged women in eveningwear sipping drinks and […]

At a time of corporate flight, family businesses are the ties that bind. Even if those ties may chafe.

From its downstairs barbershop to its Playboy collection and booze supply, Mr. Sid has always been kind of a guy's paradise, as much clubhouse as […]

Get outta town.

Is it possible that we've forgotten how to enjoy the summer the way we did when we were kids? We certainly hope not. This month, […]

Nearing 60, with a new album out this month, the Aerosmith frontman is still making Boston music history. A celebration of the indispensable rock legend in five verses: singer, innovator, character, sex symbol, survivor.

Singer By Andrew Corsello Look at that mouth! The outthrust mandible that supports it; those flared, blared, bared lips, custom-built for screaming, belonging to some […]

Quick tricks to get the barkeep's attention.

Boston bars can be tough to crack. But there's a method to the madness. If you often find yourself waiting too long to get the […]

Now I Can Die in Peace

In this collection of sports columns augmented with fresh comedic riffs, ESPN The Magazine’s “Sports Guy” Simmons tries to deliver the reader from the frustration […]

Anita Shreve’s latest novel puts old friends through the wringer at a Berkshires wedding.

It's a high school reunion in the Berkshires, Anita Shreve–style, when seven old friends divided by a tragic accident come together for a wedding. What […]

The Vendetta

Boston University professor Purvis recounts the true story of his father, Melvin, once America's most famous FBI agent and the scourge of public enemies, from […]

One Bullet Away

This memoir by a former captain in the Marines' Recon Battalion takes us inside boot camp and combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. While much of […]