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October 2008 Issue

The Envy Issue

“Charity rejoices in our neighbor’s good, while envy grieves over it.” —St. Thomas Aquinas, honorary Bostonian


The Knives Come Out

Tim Cushman’s O Ya is a national sensation, a “gustatory safari” that has critics slobbering over its “stunningly creative dishes.” Decidedly less impressed are rival local chefs, who are starting to quietly (and not so quietly) fling some pointed accusations in Cushman’s direction.


The Secrets of Their Successors

A nearly unthinkable twist of political fate could put three of the state’s top elected offices up for grabs—a Hill-shaking scenario that already has would-be candidates plotting their ascent on the sly.

Voicebox Hero

Some of the most famous voices in the world — Steven Tyler, Julie Andrews, Dick Vitale — have entrusted their pipes to Steven Zeitels, a relentlessly creative MGH surgeon whose latest breakthrough may make him a savior to countless cancer victims as well.

The Inanity Defense

In a banner year for local scandal, the public figures starring in the assorted follies have been offering up some mind-boggling excuses. It makes you wonder which is worse: the violation of our trust, or the intelligence-insulting whoppers that follow.

City Journal

The Schwartz Factor: Yo-Yo Ma

The classical music phenom is searching for a new collaborator, and is even willing—God help him—to give Jason Schwartz a try.



Spanish Ayes

Tradition reigns at Estragon, Julio de Haro’s new temple to classic tapas. But for adventurous palates, the unusual dishes are head-and-cheeks above the rest.